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Detailed seller ratings

In addition to leaving a general rating of positive, neutral, or negative for a seller, buyers can get more specific by leaving detailed seller ratings (DSRs).

Because detailed seller ratings are anonymous, sellers can't see which buyer gave them which rating. This means that buyers should feel free to be honest and open about their buying experience, and sellers can get a more complete picture of their performance.

How to leave detailed seller ratings

You can leave detailed seller ratings right after your transaction, or at a later time, up to 60 days after the transaction. If you choose to leave detailed seller ratings, you must leave them at the same time you give your overall Feedback rating and comment.

To leave detailed seller ratings:
  1. Visit the Feedback Forum

  2. Click the Leave Feedback link on the right side of the page

  3. Rate your overall experience as positive, neutral, or negative. After you’ve selected your overall rating, you'll be able to add a descriptive comment and leave detailed seller ratings

  4. Click the stars to indicate your detailed seller rating.

5 stars is the highest rating, and 1 star is the lowest.

What you rate

Tips for rating

How accurate was the item description?

  • Review the item title and description to see if they match the item you received.

How satisfied were you with the seller's communication?

  • Recall if the seller addressed any questions or concerns that you had, and did so in a professional manner

  • Consider only business days when evaluating the timeliness of the seller's communication (sellers might not check email on weekends and holidays)

  • If the seller met specific requirements, the seller will automatically receive a 5-star communication detailed seller rating, and you won't be able to change the rating.

How quickly did the seller post the item?

  • Rate the seller on the time it took to mail the item, not the time it took you to receive the item

  • Don’t hold sellers responsible for delays in mail services, international custom delays, or for the time it takes for your payment to clear. If the item is for local pick-up you won't be able to specify this rating.

How reasonable were the postage and handling charges?

  • Remember that sellers may charge for the cost of the actual packaging materials, along with a reasonable handling fee to cover the seller's time and direct costs associated with postage.

  • If the seller offered free postage and the buyer chose that option in checkout, the seller will automatically receive a 5-star detailed seller rating for postage and handling charges, and you won't be able to change the rating

  • For international transactions, buyers are expected to pay duties, taxes, and customs clearance fees as required by country laws

  • If you picked up the item locally, you won't be able to provide a rating for this category.

Note: Transactions in motor vehicle categories aren't rated on postage time and postage and handling charges, because vehicle collection is typically arranged by the buyer.

Where to find a seller's detailed seller ratings

To find a seller's detailed seller ratings, click the number in brackets next to the seller's user ID. You'll see the detailed seller ratings in a table on the top right of the seller's Feedback Profile

Tip for sellers: Visit your Seller dashboard to see how your buyers have rated you. You'll see your ratings and find out how they compare to those of other eBay sellers.

How detailed seller ratings are calculated

The detailed seller rating system is based on a 1- to 5-star scale. 5 stars is the highest rating, and 1 star is the lowest. Detailed seller ratings don't affect a seller's overall Feedback score, but eBay does consider these ratings when evaluating sellers to see if they're eligible for discounts and other benefits.

Average ratings are computed on a rolling 12-month basis and appear only when at least five ratings have been received.

Buyers can leave Feedback for a seller for more than one purchase. However, to make sure that the additional Feedback is calculated, each item must be purchased in a different week. For Feedback purposes, we define a week as Monday to Sunday, Pacific Time.

Automatic 5-star DSRs for free postage

Sellers can now receive automatic, 5-star DSRs for offering free postage on item listings.

To receive the automatic 5-star rating:  

  • The item listing must offer a free postage option

  • The buyer must choose the free postage option during payment

  • You must offer verifiable payment methods (ie PayPal, Paymate, Merchant Credit Card) and use eBay checkout.

Improving your detailed seller ratings

Use these suggestions to help you maintain high seller ratings:

Item as described: Describe your items accurately.
  • Write descriptions that include the relevant details about your items.

  • Be accurate and mention all defects. Write as if there were no pictures, so you leave no doubt in buyers' minds about what they're getting.

  • Don't describe reconditioned or refurbished items as "new." When buyers see the word "new," they expect new, not "like new."

  • Use plenty of pictures and show your items from multiple angles.

  • If you're listing a used item, include a picture of the actual item, not a generic or stock photo.

  • Fill out item specifics as much as possible and include important details like size, weight, colour and quantity.

  • Format your description so buyers can read it easily. Use bullets, bold headings, and simple paragraphs.

Communication: Keep your customers informed.
  • By meeting certain conditions, you can receive an automatic 5-star detailed seller rating for communication

  • Provide relevant information in your listings. Clearly specify your return policy, postage options and payment methods so that buyers have all the information they need

  • Include answers to frequently asked questions in your listings to help avoid routine inquiries

  • Respond to emails and phone calls quickly. Stay calm and keep an open mind in all your communications with buyers. When treated with courtesy and consideration, even the most disgruntled buyer can become a loyal customer.

Postage time: Post as quickly as possible.
  • Offer 1-day handling time whenever you can. Offer handling times that are longer than 1 business day only for exceptions and special items

  • Be specific about the postage services you offer, including delivery time for each service

  • Post items as soon as possible after you receive payment

  • Offer a postage service that provides tracking numbers and upload tracking information within 1 business day after a payment clears

  • Even though it's not required, eBay recommends that you purchase postage insurance or use a postage service that offers loss and damage protection. You can add the cost of the insurance to the handling fee or item price.

Postage and handling charges: List with reasonable postage charges.
  • Specify details such as service and cost in the postage details section of your listing.

  • Offer free postage in your listing − and if a buyer chooses that option in checkout you will automatically receive a 5-star rating on your postage charges DSR.

  • Use calculated postage so buyers can determine the actual postage cost to their location.

  • Offer discounts for posting multiple items in one order. Your customer will see other items you have for sale, be happy to save on postage, and most likely leave you a great rating.

  • Offer free postage. You might attract new buyers, and your listings can receive more visibility in search.

  • Provide details about any handling or packaging costs in the item description.

  • In most cases, if you provided free postage, the buyer won't be able to rate your postage and handling charges, because free postage automatically gives you a 5-star rating.

  • No detailed seller rating can be given for a local pick-up item.

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