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How to
Make Money
From Mess

Are you totally obsessed with decluttering craze? Yeah, us too. Whether you’re a long-term disciple of the minimalist lifestyle or new to the tidying up hype, there’s never been a better time to declutter your home.

Getting rid of things that no longer bring you joy provides you a great opportunity to maximise the funds in your wallet while you minimise your life.

With quicker than ever item listing, price control, selling support & access to millions of potential buyers, eBay can help you tidy up.

Turn Fashion to Funds

You know that ever-piling ‘chair-drobe’ you’ve got in the corner of the room? Yeah, we have one too and we guarantee there’s plenty you can say goodbye to sitting on it.

Time to turn that into a pile of cash. eBay is the number one place to sell your pre-loved fashion, from leading designer brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton to the trend leaders like Nike, Zimmermann, Mimco and more.

Follow the eBay selling flow and you’ll find minimising your wardrobe stress free and rewarding experience. It will recommend competitive pricing and postage, helping you maximise the money you make and sell your items faster. In fact, it should take as little as 60 seconds.

Clean up the Little Things

When you start to clear out your clutter, you’re going to realise how much stuff you’ve actually accumulated. Let’s start with that jam-packed tech drawer you have, loaded with old phone models, chargers and headphones. Yeah, we know about that one too.

It can seem like a tangled mess of tech but take a deep breath and you’ll soon have it cleared up and your pockets will be cashed up. The eBay Smartphone Valuation Tool gives you a price estimate for your item based on the make, model, condition and any accessories you’d like to include. That includes pre-loved, well-loved and phones on the fritz.

That means you can be confident in listing it with a price that will sell – thanks to eBay’s facilitated selling experience there’s none of the underbidding, low balling and haggling that occurs on other online selling avenues – No bud, we’re not trading an iPhone 5 for your mum’s brownie recipe.

All that Glitters

As you move through your home, you’ll find you’ve held onto so much more than old tech. Your garage, kitchen and bathroom are full of items that may no longer bring you joy but can certainly bring you coin. If you catch yourself thinking ‘who would even want this? Why did I even have this?’, think of these hot stats:

How to Make Money From
Your Home Cleanup

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