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Click & Collect

Giving eBay shoppers more convenience,
choice & control.

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Pick up your parcel when it suits
you best.

Your parcel is held safely & securely until collection.

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Choose from over 700 HUBBED locations
across Australia.

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Many HUBBED locations
operate 24/7

You're notified when your parcel is ready
for collection.

The sustainable delivery option

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HUBBED collection points have
been certified by the Carbon Reduction

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Parcel pick ups largely occur as a part
of an existing trip, creating a net
reduction in CO2 and congestion.

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Deliveries occur in batches,
not individually. Reducing the amount
of trips.

Some things to keep in mind when using HUBBED Click & Collect

The sustainable delivery option

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Your parcel can only be
collected from your selected
HUBBED location.

Calendar Icon

You'll need to collect your
parcel within 7 days of
being notified.

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Alongside your photo ID, you'll
need to bring the collection
code & 4-digit PIN sent to you
via text or email.

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If you can't collect it, you
can authorise someone to
do that for you.

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