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Post it through
eBay, easy!

Skip the lines & post it through us.

Start selling

Post it through eBay, easy!

Skip the lines & post it through us.

Start selling

How it works

Sold something? We partner with Sendle & Australia Post to provide you
with easy & affordable options for posting your items.

Benefits of posting
through eBay

Sendle / Australia Post

Discount delivery rates with Sendle & flat rate nationwide prices with Australia Post.

We offer the cheapest option based on the buyer's location.

Have your item picked up from your home or office - at no extra cost.*

*Pick-up service only offered by Sendle. Selected areas only. Sendle T&Cs apply

Easy tracking! Tracking numbers are automatically uploaded for you.

Instant postage labels

If you are in a Sendle eligible location and we find that Sendle is the cheapest way to send (based on the buyer's address), we will automatically email you a postage label when your item sells*. All you need to do is:

  1. Click “Download a postage label
  2. Print & attach the label to your parcel
  3. Drop off the parcel at a convenient Sendle location near you

Many Sendle drop off locations are open 24/7. If you do not have access to a printer or would like to choose a different service, you can instead scroll down the email and click “Choose a different label”.

* Label optional to use

Email screenshot about labels

Choose what works for you

postage options
  1. Sendle Drop-off
    • Drop off the parcel at one of the many convenient & after-hours Sendle locations.
    • Postage starts from $4.48 for same-city 250g delivery.
    • Includes cover up to $100 (250g) & up to $300 (500g+) for lost or damaged parcels, as well as delivery costs.
    • 100% carbon neutral.
    • Post item/s up to 25kg.
  2. Sendle Pickup
    • Picked up from your door at no extra cost.
    • Don't have a printer? No problem, send it printer-free with Sendle.
    • Tracking number/s are uploaded for you.
    • Postage starts at $6.50 for same-city delivery.
    • Includes cover up to $300 insurance for lost or damaged parcels, as well as delivery cost.
    • 100% carbon neutral.
    • Post item/s up to 25kg.
  3. Australia Post
    • Convenient postage! Send your parcel at your local street mailbox or local post office.
    • Best option if your buyer lives regionally.
    • Post item/s up to 22kg.
    • Tracking number/s are uploaded for you.
    • Use for delivering to PO boxes.

What to do once your item has sold

post sale steps
  1. 1 - Go to your sold item and select "Print Postage Label".
  2. 2 - Choose which carrier is best for you & the buyer. Click "Purchase Postage Label".
  3. 3 - Print & attach your label or choose Sendle's 'no printer required', then write the code & buyer details on your parcel.
  4. 4 - Depending on which option you chose, get it picked up, or drop it off to the location of your choice.
Image of the eBay app

Sell on the go with the eBay app

You can get your postage label through your phone.
Follow the same steps as above, but through your app.

What to package with?

Package it with anything you have lying around the house. Re-purpose your old online shopping satchels or use an old moving box. Simply cover any old barcodes & ensure your item is protected for the journey.

Purchase branded eBay
packaging right here!

Check out this video from Sendle on packaging and sending printer-free:

No printer?
No problem!

You can send your
items printer-free.*
All you need is a marker!

Find out more

*Printer-free services provided by Sendle. Selected areas only. Sendle T&Cs apply

Get the best value

Choose eBay Postage Labels when listing your item/s for the best calculated postage between Australia Post and Sendle. Postage costs depends on the buyer and seller location. Check out the latest rates here.

Pricing example

Sending a lightweight package?

Send items under 250g for up to 51%* less with Sendle.

Learn more

*$4.84 Sendle 250g same city vs. Australia Post 500g deliveries

Sending a bulky package?

You can send any item/s up to 25kg. Think a guitar, a KitchenAid or desktop monitor.

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