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Terms & conditions

  1. These terms apply if you are an “Eligible Customer”
  2. “Eligible Customers” means eBay Plus members who:
    1. Have selected “Keep my Benefits and Receive a $20 Gift Card” within the eBay Plus cancellation flow, and
    2. Have moved from an eBay Plus free trial into a paid membership, OR
    3. Have renewed and paid for their eBay Plus membership for an additional year

      (“Digital Gift Card Qualifying Conditions”)

  3. If you satisfy the Digital Gift Card Qualifying Conditions, you will receive a $20 eBay Digital Gift Card (“the Promotion”).
  4. The $20 eBay Digital Gift Card will be sent to your registered email address on your eBay account within 10 days of payment of the annual Plus membership fee
  5. eBay Plus members can only redeem this Promotion one (1) time annually.
  6. For the avoidance of doubt, if you click “Keep my benefits and receive a $20 gift card” but do not continue to pay the eBay Plus annual fee, you will not be eligible to receive the eBay Digital Gift Card.
  7. The Digital Gift Card will be subject to eBay’s standard gift card terms and conditions.
  8. If there is a conflict between eBay’s standard gift card terms and conditions and these terms, the terms of this Promotion will prevail.
  9. The Digital Gift Card is only redeemable for items sold directly on To use the Digital Gift Card you must have an Australian registered eBay account and an Australian postal address. The Digital Gift Card is not refundable, redeemable for cash or reloadable. After first use, the Digital Gift Card is not transferable. The card expires 3 years after the date of issue.

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