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Terms and Conditions

15% off Eligible Items, and an extra 2% off for eBay Plus members

Terms & conditions

  1. Acceptance. By using or attempting to use the redemption code for this offer, you agree to accept and be bound by these terms and conditions.
  2. Offer Period. This offer is provided by eBay Marketplaces GmbH (“eBay”) and commences at 10:00am AEST on 8th July 2024 and ends at 11:59pm AEST on 21st July 2024 (“Offer Period”). eBay reserves the right to cancel the offer at any time as set out in the Changes clause below.
  3. Eligibility. This offer is available to eBay Plus members and non-eBay Plus members as set out in clause 4 below.
  4. Conditions. This offer entitles you to:
    1. non-eBay Plus members to 15% off; and
    2. eBay Plus members to an extra 2% off (total 17% off),

the pre-coupon purchase price (excluding postage costs) during the Offer Period, up to a maximum discount of $300 per transaction. Multiple items may be purchased in 5 transactions per person, including cancelled transactions as set out in the Cancellations clause below (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction).

  1. Eligible Items” means items listed on where a link to these terms and conditions and the coupon redemption code TJULY15 (for non-eBay Plus members) or TJULY17 (for eBay Plus members) is found in the item listing, or the item appears in the following URL:
  2. Redemption. To redeem this offer during the Offer Period, enter the redemption code TJULY15 (for non-eBay Plus members) or TJULY17 (for eBay Plus members) into the redemption code box during checkout. This code cannot be used in conjunction with any other eBay offer, coupon or voucher. You can only use the redemption code 5 times during the Offer Period. Where a transaction for which a redemption code has been used is cancelled either by you or a seller, the redemption for the cancelled transaction cannot be re-used and will still be considered a redemption as set out in the Cancellations clause below. The code is provided to you as an eBay User and the limitations on its usage apply on that basis even though you may have registered a number of different eBay User IDs.
  3. eBay Plus. For eBay Plus members, the standard eBay Plus Terms and Conditions apply when you accept the offer.
  4. eBay rights. Without limiting other remedies and in addition to eBay's rights under the User Agreement, eBay reserves the right to disallow or reverse a discount or prohibit access to this offer in circumstances where eBay believes:
    1. you have provided false information, conspired with others to gain an unfair advantage or have otherwise been involved in any way in manipulating, interfering or tampering with the conduct of this offer
    2. a sale or purchase of any item as part of this offer has not been made in good faith, including where eBay considers that the buyer and seller may be related parties (such as family members or parties sharing the same dwelling); or
    3. buyers or sellers have engaged in collusive conduct or any other conduct which eBay considers unfair, fraudulent or untoward.
  5. Active. You must be an registered member with an active account at the time of redemption (not suspended nor made inactive by eBay).
  6. Registered address. Your account must have an Australian registered address to redeem this offer.
  7. Shipping. Items will only be shipped to addresses within Australia.
  8. Returns. If you return or seek a refund on any item purchased using this discount, the value of the discount will not be refunded to you.
  9. Cancellations. If you redeem this offer and the transaction is subsequently cancelled, the value of the discount will not be refunded to you and the transaction will still be considered a redemption under the Redemption clause above. However, for offers which only have one redemption per user, if you have redeemed the offer on a transaction which has subsequently been cancelled for reasons outside of your control, you may contact us, providing reasons, to request a replacement coupon.
  10. No withdrawal. This offer cannot be withdrawn into your bank account and cannot be transferred.
  11. Stock. Sellers are responsible for their own stock and eBay does not guarantee the availability of stock. This offer is only available while stock lasts.
  12. Liability. To the extent permitted by law, eBay will not be responsible for any loss incurred by you in redeeming or attempting to redeem the offer or for any costs, damages, accident, delay, injury, loss, expense, or inconvenience that may arise in connection with the use of the offer.
  13. Changes. eBay reserves the right, at its reasonable discretion, to vary these terms and conditions, or to cancel or change the offer at any time. eBay will only vary these terms and conditions, or cancel or change the offer where it determines, acting reasonably, that it is necessary to do so to prevent fraud, misuse or abuse of the offer, to correct any error or mistake, or where it is necessary to do so to protect eBay’s legitimate interests. Unless it is necessary to update these terms and conditions to correct a mistake or error, or to urgently cancel or change the offer such as in the case of fraudulent activity, eBay will provide 48 hours’ notice (“Notice Period”) by publishing revised terms on If you do not agree to the variation or change to the offer, you must cease participation in the offer during the Notice Period. Notwithstanding the foregoing, any offer which does not have an end date specified at the time of launch or is promoted as a limited time only offer, will not have an indefinite duration and may be ended by eBay at any time. It is your responsibility to check whether an offer is still available before proceeding to purchase.
  14. Monetary amounts. All monetary amounts specified in these terms and conditions are in Australian dollars (AUD).
  15. Jurisdiction. The parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the state of New South Wales.

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