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Get it sent with printer‑free postage!

Selling is easy with printer-free postage & pickup.

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How it works

  • Computer with ebay logo

    Sell your item on eBay.

  • Mouse hovering Selling and Print Postage Label buttons

    Go to My eBay, select 'Selling/Sold', then click 'Print Postage Label.'

  • Package with a label

    Prepare your parcel for collection with the buyers name & delivery address, your unique 7 digit tracking code & your address on the reverse side.

  • Computer displaying labels and printer-free pickup button

    Book 'Sendle Parcel Delivery Pickup,' then 'No printer required', on the eBay labels platform.

  • Pickup guy with a package

    Ready your parcel for collection by 8am on pickup day. The driver will arrive at the pickup location, identify the parcel and attach the barcode sticker.

  • Two Sharpie brand pens
  • Package with Printer Free label


What packaging can I use?

You can use any packaging to send your item - may it be an old satchel from an online purchase or a box you've had lying around. Just make sure to cover any old barcodes on the packaging to avoid confusion at pick up.

How much does it cost?

There is no extra charge for our Printer Free pick up service. You are charged the same price as purchasing a normal Sendle label in our labels platform, but get the benefit of not having to print a label and getting your package picked up! Postage prices start at $6.20.

You can find out more information about Sendle shipping pricing here.

What can I sell?

Any item up to 25kg can be posted.

Where do I drop off my parcel?

You don't! A courier will come to your home and pick it up on the day you scheduled collection - with no extra cost.

Is there tracking?

Yes! And it's all uploaded for you! Which means you'll know where your item is and when it will be reaching your buyer.

What if my parcel wasn't picked up?

If Sendle doesn't attempt to pick up your parcel on the scheduled day, they will send out a driver the next business day.

What if I didn't leave my parcel out?

If the driver has attempted pickup and was unable to collect the parcel, you will need to reschedule a pickup date. Remember, the postage cost is only charged once the parcel is picked up, so you will not be charged for the missed pickup.

What if I don't have a safe location to leave it?

Because we want to provide the best value for this service, Printer Free is currently pick up only. If you don't have a safe location to leave your parcel you can choose a drop off postage label option on our labels platform instead. There's a huge range of drop off options to choose from.

What other postage options are there?

The eBay Labels Platform offers both Australia Post and Sendle postage labels - purchased directly through eBay and provided to you directly from our site.

How am I charged?

You will be charged directly from eBay as a cost to your sale. This will be reflected in your monthly billing summary, or if you're a part of the new payments experience, it will be deducted from your earnings before sending you your payout.

Additional info:

If you need to edit any details or prefer to print a label and drop off your parcel at one of our convenient locations instead, simply cancel your pickup booking and create a new label.

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