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eBay Plus Terms & Conditions

By signing up for an eBay Plus membership, you agree to the following terms and conditions (“Terms”) with eBay Marketplaces GmbH (“eBay”). These Terms are between you and eBay and govern our respective rights and obligations. Please note that your use of the website (“eBay website”) and your eBay Plus membership are also governed by eBay’s User Agreement and all applicable policies on the eBay website, which are incorporated into these Terms.

1. Becoming an eBay Plus member

1.1. You must have an eBay account with a registration address in Australia in order to join eBay Plus. Your eBay Plus membership is linked to your eBay account.

1.2. To join eBay Plus, you must sign in to your eBay account and then complete the registration process by selecting a payment method, reading and accepting these Terms and then selecting either the “Sign up now” or “Start 30 day free trial” button.

1.3. When you select the “Sign up now” or “Start 30 day free trial” button, you are entering into a binding agreement between you and eBay, based on these Terms. eBay will send you an email within 24 hours confirming your eBay Plus membership.

1.4. eBay reserves the right to accept or refuse a membership registration in its discretion. eBay also reserves the right to accept or refuse a membership renewal in its discretion (which shall be exercised reasonably), having regard to your prior history with eBay and the circumstances of your case including where:

1.4.1 we reasonably believe you have breached these eBay Plus terms and conditions, the eBay User Agreement and incorporated policies, the Payment Terms of Use or any applicable law;

1.4.2 you have fraudulently used the eBay Plus services

1.4.2 we reasonably believe that your actions may cause loss or damage to or otherwise unlawfully harm our users, third parties or us, our related bodies corporate or affiliates, our directors, employees or agents;

2. Membership cancellation

2.1. You may cancel your eBay Plus membership at any time by selecting “Manage membership” on your eBay Plus membership page and then selecting the “Cancel” option in the drop-down menu.

2.2. Other than in the circumstances set out in clauses 2.3 and 9.4 below, if you cancel any time after becoming a paid member or your membership automatically renews either at the end of your membership term or if your 30 day free trial period has ended without cancellation:

2.2.1. you will not be refunded your membership fee or any proportion of it regardless of whether or not you made any eligible purchases or have taken advantage of any eBay Plus benefits since your latest eBay Plus membership charge; and

2.2.2. you will continue to receive all eBay Plus benefits until the end of your membership term, but your membership will not be automatically renewed for a further term.

2.3. If your free trial membership or annual membership renews automatically at the end of your membership term and you are charged the annual membership fee, you will have 14 days from the date you have been charged on your preferred payment method to request a refund of the membership fee from Customer Service. For the avoidance of doubt, you will no longer be entitled to the benefits of your eBay Plus membership from the date of cancellation.

2.4. If you have redeemed a “Keep my Benefits and Receive a Gift Card” offer and subsequently request a refund of your membership fee under clause 2.3, the amount of the refund provided to you will be reduced by the value of the gift card.

3. Free 30-day trial

3.1. If you sign up for a free 30-day trial of eBay Plus, you may cancel your membership at any time during the 30-day trial period.

3.2. If you cancel your eBay Plus membership during the 30-day trial period, you will incur no fees or other charges for the membership. You will continue to receive all eBay Plus benefits until the end of the 30-day trial period, at which time your eBay Plus membership will end.

3.3. If you do not cancel your eBay Plus membership before the 30-day trial period has ended, your membership will be automatically renewed and you will be charged the full annual or monthly subscription fee (as applicable) in accordance with sections 5 and 6.

3.4. There is a maximum of one free 30-day trial of eBay Plus per eBay member. You may not use or create another eBay account in order to take advantage of the free 30-day trial more than once.

4. Benefits of eBay Plus membership

4.1. As an eBay Plus member:

4.1.1. You are entitled to free delivery on eBay Plus items subject to clauses 4.3, 4.4, 4.5, 4.7 and 4.8;

4.1.2. If your delivery address is located in an eligible metro postcode, you are also entitled to a free upgrade to an express postage service offered by eBay Plus sellers on eBay Plus items, with the following exclusions:

4.1.3. You are entitled to free returns on eBay Plus items, subject to clauses 4.4, 4.6, 4.7 and 4.8;

4.1.4. You will also be entitled to any special promotions and discount offers as advertised on or otherwise communicated to you from time to time. eBay makes no representations or guarantees as to the availability, frequency, quantity or content of any such special promotions and discount offers.

4.2. “eBay Plus items” are selected fixed price items available on the website that are designated with the eBay Plus badge.

4.3. “Free delivery” means free standard domestic postage, unless your delivery address is located in an eligible metro postcode, in which case you are entitled to a free upgrade to an express postage service offered by eBay Plus sellers subject to the exclusions set out in 4.1.2 above.

4.4. You are only entitled to the benefits set out in clause 4.1 when you purchase eBay Plus items for personal/ domestic rather than business purposes. Any purchase of eBay Plus items for business purposes constitutes a breach of these Terms and Conditions.

4.5. You are only entitled to free delivery on an eBay Plus item when:

4.5.1. You purchase and pay for the item online via eBay; and

4.5.2. You purchase the item using the “Buy it now” function (not “Best Offer” or “Auction”); and

4.5.3 The delivery address is not located in one of the excluded postcodes

4.6. You are only entitled to return an eBay Plus item for free when:

4.6.1. You have purchased the item using the “Buy it now” function (not “Best Offer” or “Auction”);

4.6.2.The item is not listed in one of the non-returnable categories

4.6.3 You return the item within 30 days of receipt or, if the seller offers a longer returns period, within the seller's return timeframe;

4.6.4. You request the return through eBay’s inflow returns services;

4.6.5. You return the item using an eBay return postage label. As part of eBay's inflow returns service, you will be prompted to create and print a postage label to return the item via eBay’s designated shipping partners (including but not limited to Australia Post). You must select a standard returns label and an appropriate parcel size for the item being returned. Returns via courier pickup and express returns are excluded; and

4.6.6. For items where a return postage label is not available through eBay's inflow returns service (e.g. oversized items), you will need to contact eBay Customer Service for assistance returning the item. We may supply you with a return postage label or make arrangements to reimburse you for return postage costs, in which case a receipt may be required.

4.7. If you are an eBay Plus member and only some of the items in your transaction are eBay Plus items, you will have to pay applicable postage and returns costs for the items that are not eBay Plus items. You will only be entitled to free postage and returns on the eBay Plus items.

4.8. eBay reserves the right in its sole discretion to change its designated shipping partners or add new shipping partners at any time.

5. Fees

5.1. The eBay Plus membership fee is AU $49 per year or AU $4.99 per month.

5.2. From time to time, eBay may offer a discounted membership fee for your first year of an annual membership. Any such offer will only be available for the time it is advertised on If your membership rolls over for a further year, or you cancel your membership and later sign up again at a later date for an annual membership, the annual membership fee of AU $49 will apply.

5.3. The membership fee is payable once you sign up for an eBay Plus membership and eBay sends you an email confirming your membership (or, if you have signed up for a 30-day free trial period, on the day following the conclusion of the free trial period). In the case of a renewal of an existing membership, the membership fee is payable at the beginning of the new membership term.

5.4. You will be automatically charged for the annual or monthly membership fee (as applicable) using the preferred payment method you have selected, unless you cancel your membership prior to the charge. UNLESS YOU CANCEL YOUR MEMBERSHIP, YOU UNDERSTAND THAT YOUR EBAY PLUS MEMBERSHIP WILL AUTOMATICALLY CONTINUE IN ACCORDANCE WITH CLAUSE 6.3 AND YOU AUTHORISE US (WITHOUT NOTICE TO YOU) TO COLLECT THE MEMBERSHIP FEE USING THE PAYMENT METHOD WE HAVE ON FILE FOR YOU.

5.5. You can get an invoice for your eBay Plus membership fees from the eBay Plus Member hub.

6. Term and Termination

6.1. Your eBay Plus membership is valid for 1 year or 1 month as applicable from the date of signing up (“membership term” or “term”).

6.2. If you sign up for a free 30-day trial of eBay Plus, your membership is valid for 30 days from the date of signing up for the free trial. If you do not cancel your membership within those 30 days, it will automatically renew on the day after the free trial period and your membership term will start on that day (i.e. the 31st day).

6.3. Your eBay Plus membership will automatically renew at the end of each membership term for a further term unless you or eBay cancel it prior to the end of the membership period. eBay will provide you with an email reminder 10 days prior to any such automatic renewal.

6.4. If your original payment method is declined and you subsequently provide us with a new eligible payment method and are successfully charged for your membership fees, your membership will start from the date you signed up or your membership renewal date, not the date of the successful charge.

6.5. eBay reserves the right to terminate your eBay Plus membership at any time in its discretion, without refunding your membership fees where:

6.5.1 you fraudulently use the eBay Plus services;

6.5.2 your use of the eBay Plus membership breaches these Terms and Conditions or any applicable law; or

6.5.3 acting reasonably, we consider that your use of eBay Plus services is detrimental to other members’ use of the services and/or detrimental to eBay’s legitimate business interests.

eBay will give you prior notice of such termination unless there is a need for eBay to act urgently to prevent loss or damage to eBay or its members, including where your use of your eBay Plus membership has been fraudulent.

6.6. If your eBay membership is terminated for any reason, your eBay Plus membership will also terminate automatically.

6.7 If you believe that your membership has been incorrectly terminated you should contact Customer Service providing your reasons. eBay will consider such requests in good faith.

7. Limitation of liability

7.1. To the extent permitted by law, eBay will not be liable for any loss incurred by you, or for any costs, damages, accident, delay, technical malfunction, injury, expense or inconvenience that arise as a result of or in connection with your eBay Plus membership. Nothing in this clause limits or restricts any rights you may have under the Australian Consumer Law.

8. $60 worth of coupons in a year Promotion

8.1. The terms in this section 8 apply if you register or convert to a paid annual eBay Plus membership on or after 6 November 2019 (‘Eligible eBay Plus Members’).

8.2. Eligible eBay Plus members will receive 1 x $5 voucher in their e-mail and/or via My Messages within 5 days following payment of the membership fees. Eligible Members will continue to receive 1x $5 voucher every 30 days thereafter over the course of a year (Total of $60 worth of vouchers in one year) or until their eBay Plus membership expires, whichever is the earlier.

8.3. These coupons are subject to the $5 Coupon for Plus Members Terms & Conditions.

8.4. All other terms in these eBay Plus terms and conditions remain unchanged and applicable.

9. Additional terms

9.1. You may not transfer or assign your eBay Plus membership or any eBay Plus benefits to any another person.

9.2. eBay may, in its sole discretion, assign its rights and obligations under this agreement, either wholly or in part, to another eBay entity or third party.

9.3. eBay may amend these Terms including any eBay Plus benefits identified above at any time by posting the amended terms on We will also notify you of any material amendments to these Terms or any changes to any eBay Plus benefits through eBay Messages (in My eBay) or directly to the email address linked to your account.

9.4 In the event an amendment to these Terms results in a reduction to the eBay Plus benefits described above, eBay will give you 30 days’ notice of such change and you may cancel your eBay Plus membership. Annual members who cancel their membership within 30 days of eBay providing notice of the reduction in benefits will be entitled to a refund of their annual membership fee paid for the remaining portion of their current membership term on a pro rata basis. eBay Plus members on a monthly subscription who wish to cancel in these circumstances should do so prior to such changes taking effect. eBay will provide details of how to cancel your membership and receive a pro rata refund at the time it notifies you of the amendment.

9.5 Except as stated elsewhere, all amended terms and changes to eBay Plus benefits will automatically be effective after they are posted. If you do not accept the changes you should cancel your eBay Plus membership in accordance with clause 2.

9.6. If any provision of these terms is held to be invalid or unenforceable, such provision will be severed and the remaining provisions will remain in effect.

eBay Billing (Direct Debit) Agreement

By putting your bank account, PayPal account, or credit or debit card (as applicable, your “Automatic Payment Method”) on file with us, you agree to the following terms, also referred to as your billing (direct debit) agreement, for your eBay Plus membership (the “Services”) .


You authorise eBay or its affiliates, including but not limited to eBay Commerce Australia Pty Ltd (“ECA”) to charge your Automatic Payment Method for any and all amounts arising from your use of our Services (collectively, the “Authorised Amounts”).

When you arrange to have funds debited directly from your nominated bank account, you authorise us to arrange, through our own financial institution, a debit to your nominated account, any amount deemed payable by you. This debit will be made through the Bulk Electronic Clearing System (BECS).

When you arrange to have funds debited directly from your credit or debit card account, you authorise us to arrange, through our own financial institution, a debit to your nominated credit or debit card, any amount deemed payable by you.

If payment using this Automatic Payment Method cannot be completed for any reason, you authorise eBay or its affiliates to charge other payment methods you have on file.

If the Authorised Amount fails for any reason whatsoever, we may attempt to re-draw the amount you owe us on a later time or date. If all payment methods eBay has on file for you are declined and your membership fees cannot be paid, you must provide us with a new eligible payment method promptly or your membership will be cancelled.


This Automatic Payment Method will become your preferred payment method on file with eBay for automatic payments of any Authorised Amount. If you have other payment methods on file, we may switch your default payment method to this Automatic Payment Method. You can change your preferred payment method in your account settings (for example, through the My eBay link on the top right section of the eBay desktop site).

We may allow you to designate a different payment method for automatic payments of certain Authorised Amounts. If you put another payment method on file with us for this purpose, then we will use that payment method for those designated Authorised Amounts under the terms of this billing (direct debit) agreement.

eBay or its affiliates may save payment information, such as credit card or debit card numbers and card expiry dates, entered by you on eBay services including your eBay Plus membership. Such stored payment information may be used as your default payment method for future transactions on eBay services. At any time, you can update your card information or enter new card information, at which point the new card information shall be stored as your default payment method. You may make changes to your default payment method under Payments in My eBay. You are responsible for maintaining the accuracy of information we have on file, and you consent to eBay updating such stored information from time to time based on information provided by you, your bank or other payments services providers. You will only provide information about payment methods that you are authorised to use.


Your Cancellation Rights: The authorisations in this billing (direct debit) agreement are valid for as long as you use our Service(s) or until you cancel this billing (direct debit) agreement. You can cancel this billing (direct debit) agreement by contacting us. By cancelling this billing agreement, you agree to cancel your use of our Service(s).

A cancellation will not be effective until eBay and your financial institution have a reasonable opportunity to act on it. If this billing (direct debit) agreement is cancelled and you do not cease use of our services, we may restrict, suspend or terminate your ability to use our Services.


If you believe there has been an error in debiting your account, you should contact us in the first instance to confirm the details so that we can investigate the matter and advise you in writing whether your account has been incorrectly or correctly debited. If we cannot resolve the matter, you can still refer it to your financial institution and they may lodge a claim on your behalf.

This billing (direct debit) agreement is governed by the laws of New South Wales and dispute resolution provisions as set forth in the eBay User Agreement and applicable terms and conditions of the relevant Service.


We may provide you with notice prior to charging you for some Authorised Amounts. To the extent possible under applicable law, you waive any rights you may have to receive advance notice of any particular preauthorized charge.

It is your responsibility to ensure you have sufficient cleared funds available in the account to be debited when payments are due.

If the due date for a payment falls on a non-business day or public holiday in New South Wales, the payment will be processed on the next business day. If you are uncertain as to when the debit will be processed to your account, you should contact your financial institution.

Requests for a refund of any Authorised Amounts are governed by the policies of the Service from which the original charge arose.

eBay may amend this billing (direct debit) agreement at any time on advance notice of no less than 14 days. We will notify you of amendments through the eBay Message Center and/or by email. If we provide notice of amendments to this billing (direct debit) agreement and you do not wish to continue using the Services under the revised terms, then you may cancel this billing agreement. Your continued use of our Services after any such amendment becomes effective will constitute your acceptance of the revised terms. Please allow 7 days for the amendments to take effect.

You acknowledge that if any debit is returned or dishonoured:

  • eBay will charge your account an AUD 8.00 fee by way of a separate debit for each and every debit transaction for an Authorised Amount
  • You must arrange for the Authorised Amount to be made by another method suitable to us or arrange for sufficient cleared funds to be in your account by an agreed time so that we can process the payment
  • We may suspend or cancel the Service.

All customer records and account details will be kept private and confidential in accordance with eBay’s Privacy Notice to be disclosed only at the request of the customer of a financial institution in connection with a claim made to an alleged incorrect or wrongful debt.

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