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With over 5000 categories on eBay you can sell practically anything. Sell your old clothing, household items you no longer use, or any of those items you’ve collected over the years that are just taking up space.

Sell on eBay to make some extra money, or just to clear up the clutter around your house. If you’re saving for a summer holiday or a new house or car, sell on eBay to help jump start dreams!

What ever your reason, selling on eBay makes sense! Here's why:

Millions of buyers means more people looking at your items, helping you to get better prices.

It can cost as low as 35c to list your item on eBay, making eBay one of the cheapest ways to sell.

Use the 1, 2, 3 Easy Selling Guide and Live Help to guide you through the selling process.

Registration is absolutely free!

How does selling on eBay work?
1. List your item
 Take a photo and write a detailed description or your item.

 Set your own starting price.

 Choose how many days you want the auction to go for.

2. Collect payment

 Once you've got a buyer for your item you'll need to collect payment.

 It can be as easy as a bank deposit, money order, or cheque.

 Use whatever payment method works best for you and your buyer.
3. Mail the item to your buyer

 Once you're verified your payment, pack and send the item to your buyer.

 When the sale is over, the buyer can leave you feedback to help build your reputation as a seller.
How much does it cost?
Listing fees start from just 35c. Click here to see exactly how much.

How much can I get for my items?
Search for your item and see how much others are currently fetching. Remember that the items that you're viewing haven't yet finished, so prices may still go higher!

Where can I learn more about selling?
 You can now get online Live Help in the selling process to help guide you through.

 Print out our 1, 2, 3 Easy Selling Guide for easy reference.

 Ask other eBay members on the New To eBay Chatboard

 Get postage tips at eBay's Postage Centre