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eBay Motors Australia has introduced the familiar Classified Ad format you are used to in the cars, motorcycles, and other vehicle categories.

With this format, sellers and buyers do not complete the transaction online through eBay. Instead, buyers use Classified Ads to contact sellers by email or telephone and can negotiate the sale in person if they prefer.

Classified Ads are an exciting new addition to the current Auction and Buy-It-Now formats, making eBay Motors the best choice for buying and selling your vehicle.

Classified Ads - The New Choice
For Car Dealers

If you are a car dealership, we have also developed a Monthly Subscription Offer* that enables you to list ALL of your cars on eBay Motors.

  • Upload your stock quickly and easily using ad management software
  • Cost-effective subscription pricing for creating more than 10 listings per month
  • No Lock-In Contracts, just a Month to Month agreement
  • 1 month FREE trial

Read more and sign up for our amazing introductory offer!

*Monthly Subscription Offer will initially only be available in the Cars category (category ID 29690).

For All Vehicle Sellers

If you want to sell your car, motorcycle, or other vehicle, then Classified Ads is a new choice to complement the current Auction and Buy-It-Now formats:

  • $19.99 insertion fee (fees for optional feature upgrades still apply)
  • Longer 28 day listing duration
  • Best Offer feature available for free (flat Final Value Fee applies if the vehicle sells using Best Offer

Of course, the Auction and Buy-It-Now formats are still your best choices if you want to sell your vehicle quickly or at a set price.

For All Vehicle Buyers

If you want to buy a car, motorcycle, or other vehicle, then Classified Ads make it easier to contact the seller and negotiate the sale in person.

Also, the introduction of Classified Ads are designed to appeal to car dealers, so soon you will find plenty of the cars you want from dealerships all over Australia!

Of course, there are still benefits to buying a car on the Auction and Buy-It-Now formats such as being covered by Vehicle Purchase Protection for up to $20,000 (this program does not apply to Classified Ads).


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