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Listing in two categories

Reach more buyers and generate more interest in your item by listing in two categories. For example, you could list a vintage table from Japan in both the Asian Antiques category and the Antique Furniture category.

If you have an eBay Store, you can add a secondary Store category to your listing for free.


If you choose to list your item in two categories, you'll pay an insertion fee for the second category. (Whether you pay an insertion fee for the first category depends on whether you have free listings available from your monthly entitlement.)

You'll also pay two feature fees (one for each category), if you select a listing upgrade such as subtitle.

If your item sells, the final value fee is based on the fee schedule for the primary category you selected.


Primary category

Secondary category

Insertion fee

FREE if you have free listings available

Normal insertion fee for this category, if you've used your monthly free listings

Normal insertion fee for this category

Listing upgrade features
(if used)

Normal feature fees for any upgrades selected

Normal feature fees for any upgrades selected

Final value fee
(if sold)

Normal final value fee for this category


See all fees.

Restrictions on

Sellers can list in any two categories except the following:

  • Real Estate: Listing in two categories isn't available

  • Listings with variations: Listing with variations depends on variation details and item specifics that might not be available in a second category, so you might want to consider listing in one category only.

    If you select a second category that doesn't allow listings with variations, you won't be able to create variations in the listing.

    See the list of categories which can have listings with variations.

Note: As always, please list your item in appropriate categories. We investigate complaints and will move your listing if necessary. Learn more about our search and browse manipulation policy.

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