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Becoming a Top Rated Seller and qualifying for eBay Premium Service

Top Rated Sellers are recognised as sellers who consistently deliver outstanding customer service. You can be a Top Rated Seller whether you have a large volume of sales or a smaller volume, provided you meet certain performance standards.

Top Rated Sellers with listings that meet certain requirements get the additional benefits of eBay Premium Service.

Top Rated Seller status is evaluated on the 20th of each month. We'll send you an email at the end of the month if you've met the criteria. Check your Seller Dashboard to see your current ratings and projected seller level.


If you meet all the Top Rated Seller performance requirements, you receive a prominent eBay Premium Service badge on qualifying listings. This is displayed both on the listing and in search results.

Top Rated Seller account status requirements

To become a Top Rated Seller on, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Have an eBay account that's been active for at least 90 days.

  • Have at least 100 transactions and USD $1,000 in sales with Australian buyers over the past 12 months

  • Have a PowerSeller status which includes a Feedback score of 100 or more, with at least 98% positive Feedback

  • Comply with eBay's selling practices

  • Meet the following requirements for transaction defect rate, and purchase protection cases and late shipment rate:

    Performance standards on*

    Top Rated Seller

    Transaction defect rate
    Transactions which were cancelled by the seller, or with a case closed without seller resolution.

    0.5% (no more than 3)

    Closed cases without seller resolution
    Cases where eBay or PayPal was asked to review the case and the seller was found responsible.

    2 (or 0.3% of transactions)

    Late shipment rate
    Transactions where you didn't send the item within your handling time OR the item was delivered after the estimated delivery date.

    5% (no more than 5)

*If you have 400 or more transactions over the past three months, these scores are calculated over the last three calendar months. For all other sellers, the scores are calculated from transactions over the last 12 calendar months. The percentage requirement for cases applies after the account has exceeded the maximum number of occurrences.

Don't meet this criteria? Read more about eBay's seller performance standards.

Note: eBay may, at its sole discretion, temporarily grant Top Rated Seller status to an account even if it does not otherwise meet the requirements at the time of evaluation. This may be as a result of loss of Top Rated Seller status due to eBay or PayPal site outage, natural disaster, postal strike, or for any other reason that eBay may determine makes a temporary status change necessary.

eBay Premium Service listing requirements

Once you're Top Rated at an account level, you can choose to provide eBay Premium Service at an individual listing level for some or all of your listings.

Qualifying listings will display the eBay Premium Service badge to let buyers know that you offer high levels of customer service.

To qualify for eBay Premium Service, you must offer all of the following on each listing:

  • Free postage to AU buyers

  • Same business day or one business day handling

  • 30+ day money back return policy

  • Express postage option - offering delivery within one day

The following categories and listing types are excluded from eligibility for eBay Premium Service badging:

  • Items that offer local pickup only 

  • Property and Businesses for sale.

Top Rated and eBay Premium Service best practices

Follow these best practices to make sure you're meeting buyer expectations for eBay Premium Service listings:

Fulfil your orders within the time promised – within one day when possible.
To help post items quickly, always have postage supplies on hand by ordering eBay Australia Post flat rate satchels and boxes and print postage labels on eBay.
Upload tracking on all of your orders.
Tracking is uploaded automatically when you print Australia Post postage labels on eBay.
Offer a return policy that is 30 days or longer with a money back option.
Return policies must allow for "change of mind" returns, although for "change of mind" returns you may specify that items must be returned in original condition or charge a restocking fee for items returned opened or used.
Learn more about creating your return policy.

Qualifying for Top Rated Seller status and eBay Premium Service on other eBay sites

Qualification requirements for Top Rated Seller status vary from country to country. In some countries you can only become a Top Rated Seller where you sell items on that country's site. In other countries, you will qualify as a Top Rated Seller by meeting the global performance standards.

If you sell on other eBay sites, you can become a Top Rated Seller based on your transactions with buyers in those countries. For example, your seller status in the UK is based on your transactions with UK and Irish buyers and how those buyers rate your performance.

If you qualify for the US, UK, German or global programme(s), you'll receive the Top Rated Seller badge (if it's in use) on those sites.

To become Top Rated on:

Your listings on other eBay sites can also qualify for eBay Premium Service (known as Top Rated Plus on if it's available - see each site's requirements by following the links listed above.

Learn more about seller performance standards and international insertion fee benefits for Anchor Store sellers.

Frequently asked questions

1. How does the evaluation cycle work?
Top Rated Seller status is evaluated on the 20th of each month. Sellers with 400 or more transactions over a three-month period are evaluated on their transactions with buyers over that period. For all other sellers, the rates are based on transactions over the last 12 months.

We'll send you an email at the end of the month if you've met the criteria to become a Top Rated Seller. You can check your current seller level and what it would be if we evaluated you today at any time in your Seller Dashboard.

2. If I lose my eBay Top Rated Seller status, can I get it back?
If you lose your eBay Top Rated Seller status, we'll send you an email notification and you'll see the change in status on your Seller Dashboard. When you once again meet the criteria, you'll be automatically reinstated and will qualify for benefits on the next evaluation date.

You can always check your Seller Dashboard to see where you stand. To help improve your seller standing, read our tips in the Seller Centre on optimising your listings and providing great customer service.

3. Will I get a benefit for being a Top Rated Seller even if my listings don't qualify for eBay Premium Service?
In general, the lower your defect rate, the better your position in Best Match search results. The "eBay Premium Service" badge in search results identifies listings that offer a consistent set of services related to postage and returns.

4. Do I have to meet the eBay Premium Service requirements on all my listings?
It's your decision whether to offer the required services on all, some or none of your listings. Only those listings offering the required services will get the eBay Premium Service badging and benefits.

5. Are there any exceptions or category exclusions for eBay Premium Service?
A few categories and listing types are excluded from eBay Premium Service badging:

  • Items that offer local pickup only

  • Property and businesses for sale

For some types of items, the listing requirements may be too difficult to meet, but this will be true for everyone selling that type of item. For example, if a refrigerator is too expensive to provide free postage on, that would be the case for all sellers within the category.

6. What qualifies as an express delivery option?
All of the postage options classified under 'express' when you create a listing, such as Australia Post Express, Fastway Couriers, DHL, TNT, Toll and Star Track Express.

For domestic purchases, most buyers expect an express item will arrive in 1-3 business days. For international purchases, depending on the item location, buyers generally expect the item will arrive in 3-4 business days.

7. Does express delivery need to be free?
The express delivery requirement is designed to offer buyers more choice in case they need to get their item quickly, but it does not need to be free. The free postage requirement is for a standard postage service.

Of course, if you choose to offer express postage for free, it will qualify for eBay Premium Service (assuming you meet the other listing requirements as well).

8. Do the express delivery and free postage options have to be my first selected options?
The order in which you select your postage options doesn't matter when it comes to meeting the listing requirements.

9. Is there a tracking requirement?
There's no tracking requirement at this time, but uploading tracking is highly recommended as it gives buyers confidence that their item is on its way. Tracking also helps protect you if the buyer reports that the item wasn't received. If the item is delivered late, tracking information helps you demonstrate that you sent it within your stated handling time, ensuring your late shipment rate is not impacted. You may also be eligible to receive automatic 5-star DSRs from your buyers by uploading tracking information, and uploading tracking helps you qualify for prominent features like Click & Collect.

For more information, see our selling practices.

10. My business processes don't allow me to offer 30-day money back returns. How can I meet the returns requirement for my listings?
Wherever it is possible to offer a 30-day money back return you should do so. Customers expect this option and it's a requirement in order for listings to qualify for eBay Premium Service. While we recognise not all sellers can offer 30-day money back returns on all their listings, you should remember that your listings are required to comply with the Australian Consumer Law on returns.

Learn more about specifying your returns policy.

11. What if I receive an order on a Saturday and the post is closed?
Handling time requirements are 0-1 business days. Purchases that come through on the weekend should be posted on Monday. You should also be clear in your listings about what happens for orders received outside of normal business hours including weekends.

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