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About your Seller Dashboard
New seller performance standards go into effect with the monthly evaluation on 20th August. You can see an up-to-date preview of how your performance is rated against the new standards in your Seller Dashboard. For more details, read our Autumn Seller Release.

Your Seller Dashboard in My eBay helps you monitor your progress as a seller, maintain excellent customer service, and keep your account in good standing. The Seller Dashboard is available to all sellers. The Detailed ratings section is available to sellers who've received 5 or more detailed seller ratings (DSRs).

Throughout the dashboard, you'll see three symbols that show your at-a-glance status in each performance category:

  • A green checkmark indicates that you are excelling and meeting the Top Rated requirement in that category. If you have green checkmarks in all categories, you are a Top Rated Seller.

  • An orange flag icon gives you a heads up about something that could impact your seller performance standing, and you should work to improve your performance in that area.

  • A red alert icon means your performance is below standard in a certain area. Providing poor customer service that falls short of buyers' expectations is the usual reason a seller is rated as below standard.


At the top of your Seller Dashboard, you'll see notifications of all recent activity in your seller account.

Performance summary

The summary box shows your current seller level, and shows details for the different areas that make up your seller level. If you'd like to see your status for other countries within the seller standards program, click the drop-down box in the upper right of the summary box.

Your seller level

Your seller level is evaluated on the 20th of each month. The left toggle shows your current seller level and a snapshot of your performance on the day of your last evaluation. The right toggle shows your projected seller level (basically, what it would be if your next evaluation occurred today), which is updated daily. You can check your performance areas daily to see how you're doing and where you can improve. You can also click the trending data link to see more about your performance.

The four performance levels are:

As a Top Rated Seller, you get a prominent eBay Premium Service badge on qualifying listings and improved visibility for your Fixed Price listings in search results (so more buyers see them). If you have an Anchor Store, you'll also receive international insertion fee benefits when listing on other eBay sites. You must meet all Top Rated requirements to qualify as a Top Rated Seller.

Make sure you don't fall below standard, because you could lose your search placement benefits, may have selling limits placed on your account, and could be restricted from selling on the site. If your rating is below standard in any category, then your overall seller status is below standard.

Underneath your seller level status, you can drill down to each of the sections that are taken into account to evaluate your seller level.

Detailed seller ratings

In the detailed seller ratings section, you'll see an overview of your performance for each detailed seller ratings category (Item as described, Communication, Postage time and Postage and handling charges). You'll see:

  • Your percentage of low ratings (1s and 2s) in each category

  • Your 12-month average if you've had fewer than 400 transactions over the previous 3 calendar months

For 3-month and 12-month periods, detailed seller ratings include:

  • Only transactions with Australian buyers and international buyers that are not from US, UK or Germany

  • Repeat transactions from the same buyer; separate transactions are counted separately

You can hover over each chart to see the ratings thresholds for Below Standard and Top Rated.

The Detailed ratings section is available to sellers who've received 5 or more detailed seller ratings.


The Tracking section is only used for the US Top Rated Seller program.

In the Tracking section, you can see how you're doing with uploading tracking within handling time, and total tracking uploads. Uploading tracking information within your stated handling time is required for Top Rated seller status in the US, but is a great way for all sellers to provide excellent customer service. You can also create a report to see which transactions did not meet the tracking requirement.


The Cases section is only used for the US, UK and German Top Rated Seller programs.

The number of cases closed without seller resolution is an important indicator of seller performance. Many buyers who open cases never reach a point where they have an opportunity to leave Feedback or detailed seller ratings.

There are limits to the number of cases closed without seller resolution that a seller may have.You can track your cases closed without seller resolution in your Seller Dashboard. Click the See cases link to get specific information about and take action on cases that might affect your seller status. You can also track all your eBay Money Back Guarantee cases in the Resolution Centre.


The Feedback section is only used for the US Top Rated Seller program.

The Feedback section shows your percentage of positive feedback. A Feedback rating of 98% or better is a requirement for Top Rated sellers in the US, but it is important for all sellers to provide a good customer experience, resolve issues and keep buyers happy. Many buyers look at Feedback scores before deciding to purchase an item from a particular seller.

Transactions and sales

The Transactions and sales section shows your total number of transactions and your PowerSeller status.

Additional information you can find on the Seller Dashboard

  • Benefits and recommendations

    In the Benefits section, you can see your current PowerSeller standing. In order to qualify for eBay Premium Service, you must be a Top Rated Seller and offer additional services in your listings. You can see all of your active listings that qualify for eBay Premium Service benefits, and what you can do to qualify for eBay Premium Service on the rest of your listings.

  • Seller protection

    It's important to us to make sure eBay is safe and convenient for you as a seller. In this section, you'll see details of any action we've taken to protect you.

  • Your total sales history

    You can see your complete eBay selling history, including your total sales to date, your total transactions, and the date of your first eBay sale.

  • Additional reports

    In the left navigation pane, you'll find reports and tools you can use to track your performance in more detail and see where you can improve.

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