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About your Seller Dashboard

Your Seller Dashboard in My eBay helps you monitor your progress as a seller, maintain excellent customer service, and keep your account in good standing. The Seller Dashboard is available to all sellers. The Detailed ratings section is available to sellers who've received 5 or more detailed seller ratings (DSRs).

We'll add an icon to requirements that have your seller level at risk.


At the top of your Seller Dashboard, you'll see notifications of all recent activity in your seller account.

Performance summary

The first section shows your current seller level, and shows details for the different areas that make up your seller level. If you'd like to see your status for other regions within the seller performance standards program, select one from the Region drop-down list.

Your seller level

Your seller level is evaluated on the 20th of each month. The first section shows your current seller level and a snapshot of your performance on the day of your last evaluation. The second section shows what your seller level would be if you were evaluated today, and is updated daily. You can check your performance areas daily to see how you're doing and where you can improve.

The three performance levels are:

As a Top Rated Seller, you get a prominent eBay Premium Service badge on qualifying listings. You must meet all Top Rated requirements to qualify as a Top Rated Seller.

Make sure you don't fall below the minimum standards, because you may have selling limits placed on your account and could be restricted from selling on the site. If your rating is below standard in defect rate or closed cases without seller resolution, then your overall seller status is Below Standard. If late shipment rate is the only requirement you're not meeting, this alone won't cause your account to be considered Below Standard.

Underneath your seller level status, you can drill down to each of the sections that are taken into account to evaluate your seller level.

Transaction defect rate

In the Transaction defect rate section, you'll see an overview of your performance for the following areas:

  • Cancelled transactions

  • Cases closed without seller resolution

There's also a link to a full report that can show you more information about transaction defects (including any defects that have been removed). You can get additional details such as buyer ID by downloading your report into an Excel spreadsheet.

If any of these areas are at risk for affecting your seller defect rate, an orange flag appears next to it.

Late shipment rate

In the Late shipment rate section, you can see how many of your transactions weren't sent on time.

There's also a link to a full report that can show you more information about why we considered the transactions late. You can get additional details such as buyer ID, handle by date, max estimated delivery date, acceptance scan date and more by downloading your report into an Excel spreadsheet.

Cases closed without seller resolution

The number of cases closed without seller resolution is an important indicator of seller performance. Many buyers who open cases never reach a point where they have an opportunity to leave Feedback or detailed seller ratings.

There are limits to the number of cases closed without seller resolution that a seller may have.

Select the See cases link to get specific information about cases closed without seller resolution. You can also track all your eBay Money Back Guarantee cases in the Resolution Centre.

Valid tracking

In the Tracking section, you can see how you're doing with uploading a valid tracking number within handling time, and total tracking uploads.

Uploading tracking information within your stated handling time is required for Top Rated Seller status in the US and for certain seller protections, and is a great way for all sellers to provide excellent customer service. You can also create a report to see which transactions did not meet the tracking requirement.

Transactions and sales

The Transactions and sales section shows your total number of transactions and dollar amount in sales.

We only count successful transactions as those that did not have a cancellation request processed on the transaction, unless they had a defect.

Additional information you can find on the Seller Dashboard

  • Benefits and recommendations

    In this section, you can see your current PowerSeller standing. In order to qualify for eBay Premium Service, you must be a Top Rated Seller and offer additional services in your listings. You can see all of your active listings that qualify for eBay Premium Service benefits, and what you can do to qualify for eBay Premium Service on the rest of your listings.

  • Your total sales history

    You can see your complete eBay selling history, including your total sales to date, your total transactions, and the date of your first eBay sale.

  • Monthly breakdown

    See a breakdown of transaction defects, cases closed without seller resolution, late shipment rate, transactions and sales by month.

  • Reports and service tools

    In the left navigation pane, you'll find reports and tools you can use to track your performance in more detail and see where you can improve.

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