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Relisting your item

You can relist your item and offer it for sale again when:

In some situations, you may be eligible to relist your item for free, or to receive an insertion fee credit if your relisted item sells.

Relisting an unsold item automatically

Non-business sellers can set a listing to relist automatically up to three times for free if the item doesn't sell.

Note: If you use Selling Manager or Selling Manager Pro, you can also set your items up to relist automatically. Normal insertion fees apply to each automatic relisting. Learn more about automatically relisting items in Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro.

When you relist your item automatically:
  • Your item is relisted up to three times if it doesn't sell. (It won't be relisted automatically if the buyer didn't pay, you cancel the transaction or you end the listing early. In these situations, you can relist the item manually.)

  • Your listing duration remains the same for each relisting.

  • You can revise your listing at any time during the relisting period. Our rules on revising listings apply. Learn more about restrictions on revising listings.

Fees for automatic relisting
  • The initial listing counts toward your monthly free listing entitlement, but the automatically relisted items don't. (For example, if you list an item and it automatically relists three times, it counts as one free listing.) Learn more about free listing entitlements.

  • If you've already used your monthly free listing entitlement, you'll be charged an insertion fee for the initial listing, but not for the automatically relisted items.

  • If you set up your item to relist automatically, you'll only be charged once for any feature fees.

  • When the item sells, normal final value fees apply and the item won't be relisted.

Things to keep in mind about automatic relisting:
  • You can automatically relist both auction and fixed price listings.

  • Relisting your item automatically isn't available for Good 'Til Cancelled listings.

  • Relisting your item automatically isn't available in all categories (see exclusions).

  • Your eligibility to relist an item automatically is based on your transactions and sales.

    • When you're eligible to relist an item automatically, you see the option in the listing form.

    • You can see your transactions and sales in your Seller Dashboard in My eBay.

  • When your item is relisted, it might not appear on the site for several hours after the initial listing ends.

  • If you choose to optimise your listing after it's been automatically relisted – for example to reduce your price, change postage options or improve the title or description – its position in search results may be affected. Learn more about revising a listing.

  • Once you choose to relist your item automatically up to three times, you won't be able to relist it manually until the third automatic relisting period is over.

  • If the automatic relist was unsuccessful, you can relist your item manually. When the automatic relist is unsuccessful, you see a message displayed for that item in My eBay.

  • You can remove the automatic relist setting at any time.

  • Business > Businesses for Sale

  • Home & Garden > Real Estate

  • Services

  • Tickets, Travel > Flights

  • Tickets, Travel > Tickets

  • Tickets, Travel > Travel

  • Tickets, Travel >Vouchers, Gift Certificates

To relist your item automatically up to three times:
  1. Click Sell at the top of most eBay pages.

  2. Create your listing by describing the item, setting a price and selecting postage options.

  3. On the Review your listing page, select the Automatically relist this item up to 3 times if it doesn't sell check box.

Cancel automatic relisting:

You can remove the Automatic Relist feature from your listing at any time in My eBay.

To cancel your automatic relisting:
  1. Go to My eBay > Activity > Selling > Active and locate your listing.

  2. In the More actions drop-down menu, select Remove Automatic Relist.

Relisting an item manually

To relist an item manually after the listing has ended:
  1. Go to My eBay > Activity > Unsold or Activity > Sold.

  2. From the More actions drop-down menu to the right of the listing, select Relist.

  3. Make any changes to your listing and save.

Things to keep in mind:
  • When you manually relist an auction-style listing and the item sells during the second listing period, you may be eligible for an insertion fee credit.

    Tip: When you relist an item manually, you can then choose to automatically relist it up to three more times. You'll still pay a fee for the manual relisting, but this will be credited if the item sells at some point during either the manual or automatic relisting period (assuming the item meets the other criteria for an insertion fee credit).

    Learn more about receiving insertion fee credits.

  • Manually relisted items count toward your monthly free listing entitlement.

  • When you relist an item, your listing might not be searchable in a keyword or category search for several hours.

  • If you chose to relist your item automatically up to three times, you won't be able to relist it manually until the third automatic relisting period is over. You can also relist your item manually if the automatic relist was unsuccessful.

Relisting tips

If your listing has ended and you'd like to relist your item manually, try these ideas to help your item sell the next time:

  • Lower your starting price

    • Lowering your starting price may attract more buyers.

  • Improve your title and description

    • Use words in your title that specifically describe your item (like "Chinese Ming Vase" rather than "flower vase"). Remember that if you change your listing title, it may not be searchable in a keyword or category search for several hours.

    • Avoid words and characters that buyers won't search for (like "L@@k").

  • Add pictures

  • Lower your starting price

    • Lowering your starting price may attract more buyers.

  • Rethink the category

    • Choose a category that suits your item. Keep in mind, if you change your item's category, you may not have the same item conditions to choose from to describe your item. Learn more about item conditions and selecting a category.

    • Consider listing in 2 categories. Keep in mind, if you relist an item in 2 categories, you may encounter certain restrictions. Learn more about listing in 2 categories.

  • Add product details

    • Including product details makes it easier for buyers to find your item. If your item's category is associated with a product in our catalogue, we may show you a product from our catalogue and ask you to confirm that it's the same as your item. We may offer you product details from our catalogue and a stock photo for your listing.

    • Product details may also be available if you're relisting products in bulk. We'll walk you through adding product details to one item at a time.

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