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Resolving selling problems

Sell with confidence. Find out how you can avoid transaction problems and resolve problems.

Solve a problem
Click the Advanced link at the top of the eBay home page. On the left side of the page, click the Find contact information link and follow the instructions.
In the Resolution Centre, we help you work with your buyer to resolve problems. If you don’t receive payment for an item or you want to cancel a transaction, go to the Resolution Centre. For problems that aren’t about transactions, for example, Feedback issues, contact Customer Support.
First, send your buyer a friendly email. If that doesn’t work, try to reach the buyer by phone. If you don’t get a response, you can go to the Resolution Centre to resolve the unpaid item. If the problem remains unresolved, you'll receive a final value fee credit  when you close the case. You can then extend a Second Chance Offer to another bidder, or relist the item and you may qualify for a credit on your Insertion Fee.
For an active listing, agree to let the buyer cancel the bid. If the listing already ended, you can go to the Resolution Centre and cancel the transaction.
For an active listing, end your listing early. If the listing has ended, you can go to the Resolution Centre and cancel the transaction.
Help topics


How sellers can avoid transaction problems
These tips can help make your transactions trouble-free. 

Knowing your buyer
The more you know about your buyer, the better your chance of a successful sale.

What to do if a buyer doesn’t pay (unpaid item process)
When a buyer doesn't pay, we’ll work with you to help resolve the situation.

Cancelling a transaction
Find out what to do if you and your buyer agree not to complete a sale.

Resolving transaction problems in the Resolution Centre
If you have a problem with a transaction, contact your buyer. If that doesn’t work, you can open a case in our Resolution Centre.

Contacting eBay members
Trying to get in touch with someone? Find out how.

Communicating with your trading partner
Sometimes miscommunications happen. Get tips on how to work things out.

Buyer activity limits
To protect sellers, we sometimes step in to restrict what buyers can do.

Beyond the basics

Reporting inappropriate trading behaviour
When members report cases of inappropriate trading behavior, we’ll try to resolve the issue.

eBay's role when you need to resolve a problem
Our goal is to promote a safe place for our members to buy and sell. See what we can do if you have any problems.

Legal info

Guidelines for creating legally compliant listings
Read our guidelines to help you understand basic legal issues for buying and selling.

Trademark and domain name basics
Find out why intellectual property rights must be protected.

Copyrights, trademarks & your listing
Understand the basics of copyright laws before you list your items.

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