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Payment processing and due dates

This page helps sellers understand how to pay their eBay fees. Learn about how to pay for eBay purchases.

Payment due dates

The date your payment is due depends on your invoice date:

If your invoice date is... Payment is due by...

The 15th of the month

The 15th of the next month

The last day of the month

The last day of the next month

The date we create your invoice depends on when you created your account, and can't be changed. We also can't change your payment due date.

Paying your invoice

Automatic payment methods

All sellers are required to have an automatic payment method on file. We accept the following types of automatic payment methods:

  • PayPal

  • Credit card

  • Direct Debit from your bank account

Your invoice payment will be automatically processed by your payment due date, according to the payment method you chose when you created your seller account.

Automatic payment method Date charged


No sooner than 15 days from your invoice date

Credit card

8-10 days after your invoice date

Direct Debit

No sooner than 15 days from your invoice date

To confirm which payment method you have on file:
  1. Click My eBay at the top of most eBay pages. You may need to sign in.

  2. Place your pointer over the Account tab, and then click Seller Account.

  3. Scroll down to the section titled Payment methods for Seller Fees to find out your current payment method.

One-time payments

You can also make a one-time payment to pay your seller invoice. To ensure that you don't make duplicate payments, allow at least 5 days between any onetime payment and your automatic scheduled payment.

Paying by cheque

It may take up to 10 business days after we receive your cheque to process and post the payment to your account. When paying by cheque or money order, submit a payment voucher along with your cheque and post it to the address on the voucher. Allow 10 business days plus delivery time between the date you send the payment and your payment due date.   

Payment requirements and late fees

We require payment in full each month on accounts with an amount due of $1.00 or more. We recommend that you review your invoice each month before paying your fees.

If you haven't paid your amount due by the payment due date each month, you'll be billed a late payment charge of 1.5% of the balance past due or the highest amount permitted by applicable law, whichever is lower. This fee will be applied on the day after the payment due date. It will be applied each month until the overdue amount is paid.

If your account becomes past due, in addition to owing late fees, your account may be suspended for non-payment, and you may be responsible for collection and related legal costs. For accounts more than 180 days past due, action may include deducting the amount owed from your PayPal account balance. We may report information about your account to credit bureaus, so late payments, missed payments or other defaults on your account may be reflected in your credit report.

In the event your seller account is suspended for any reason, any amount due on your account will immediately become due and payable. You're responsible for paying all fees by the payment due date. We reserve the right to immediately charge any amount you have not previously disputed to the payment method that you have on file.

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