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Selling on eBay Motors

On eBay Motors you can buy and sell all types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and parts and accessories. The listing formats are just like those on eBay.

Before you list your vehicle

To ensure a smooth listing process and a successful transaction on eBay Motors, it's is important to prepare before you create your listing – gather important information about your vehicle and take plenty of pictures.

Review eBay Motors fees. eBay charges insertion fees and successful listing fees and these are calculated differently for eBay Motors than in other categories. Get the details on the fees for selling on eBay Motors.
Research your vehicle's value. Find out what your car or truck is worth before you list it.
  • Use a website such as to research valuations for new and used vehicles.

  • Search completed eBay listings to see how much similar vehicles have sold for recently. Click Advanced next to the search box, and then select either Completed (to see all items that have ended in past 15 days) or Sold (to see items sold in the past 90 days).

Decide how you'll sell your vehicle. For example, you can set a fixed price and accept Best Offers from buyers; start an auction with a reserve price; or list a Classified Ad so buyers can contact you directly to negotiate. Learn more about selling formats.
Take plenty of photos. You can include 12 photos for free. We recommend including photos of:
  • Exterior of vehicle (front, rear, left and right)

  • Interior of vehicle (front seats, back seats, boot, dashboard)

  • Additional details such as engine bay, odometer close up (to show mileage), customisation (e.g. upgraded rims, spoiler, stereo)

  • Any wear or damage to vehicle

Write down all the details you'll need – including year, make, model, sub-model (e.g. SE, LS, GT, etc.), odometer reading, options/additional equipment and safety features you want to mention (e.g. sunroof, leather seats, cruise control), transmission and engine size, any wear or damage, and whether your vehicle is under warranty.
Be prepared to provide the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Find the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). If you enter the vehicle identification number (VIN) when listing your vehicle, buyers can click on the VIN in the listing to get a Vehicle History Report. The VIN may be located on the dashboard (viewable through the windscreen) or on the door or engine, and in your vehicle registration and title documents.
Know your vehicle history. You can obtain a report from a website such as Make sure that any branded title or history of the vehicle (such as Flood or Salvage) is appropriately disclosed in the description. Even if you've got a current clean title, if there was a salvage title in the history, you must disclose it to buyers.
Review the applicable laws for both your state and the state of your buyer. These include seller licensing rules, title requirements, emissions standards and registration policies. 
Review eBay's listing policies. These listing policies will help you properly list items.

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