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Knowing your buyer

We want all your sales to be safe and successful. Here are some hints to help your sale go smoothly.


The chart below explains the icons that a bidder can have next to their user ID.

Icon Meaning

The person has been a registered eBay member for 30 days or less.

The person has changed their user ID within the last 30 days.

Request a buyer's user ID

  • For privacy reasons, you can only use this feature if you've completed a previous transaction with the member whose user ID you're requesting.

  • If you know only a buyer's email address and need to find their user ID, use the Find a Member feature. This feature is useful if you receive emails from buyers who haven't specified their user ID and for whom you can't locate a listing.

  • If we can't find a previous transaction that you have in common with the buyer, consider emailing the buyer to request his or her user ID.

Request a buyer's contact information

If you've emailed your buyer and they haven't responded, they may have a legitimate reason for the delay. If the issue is important, you can request your buyer's contact information, but only when you've had a successful transaction with them.

If you have you requested your buyer's contact information and it's not valid, please review our policy on false or missing contact information.

Limits on buyers

For each of your listings, you can limit or block who can bid on or purchase your items. You can create your own list of eBay members who aren't allowed to bid on or buy your items. Before blocking a buyer, we recommend that you send an email explaining why you won't accept bids or Buy It Now purchases from them in the future.

You can also select buyer requirements for your listings by going to the Seller Preferences section in My eBay. These requirements are based on characteristics, such as buyers who are registered in countries to which you don't post, rather than specific user IDs.

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