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Responding to transaction issues on international eBay websites

If you sell on international eBay websites (including if you offer international postage on your listings), you may occasionally run into issues with a buyer from an international site. The process for resolving selling problems is similar no matter which eBay website an item is purchased from.

Responding to a transaction issue on an international eBay website

If a buyer who purchased your item from an international eBay website (for example, or reports that the item isn't as described in the listing, or that they didn't receive the item, we'll notify you by email.

To respond, sign in to My eBay on the international eBay website where the buyer purchased the item. Your user ID and password remain the same., and resolution timelines

The eBay Money Back Guarantee timelines on and differ from the timelines for eBay Money Back Guarantee on

If you receive a return request or a report of an item not received from a buyer who purchased an item on either or, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Buyers have different timelines for reporting that an item wasn't received. Buyers on and must wait at least 10 days from an item's estimated arrival date to report that they have not received an item. Buyers on or must wait seven days from the estimated arrival date before reporting that they didn't receive an item

  • Sellers have different timelines for responding to transaction issues. After receiving a return request because an item wasn't as described in the listing or a report that an item wasn't received, sellers must respond:

    • Within 10 days for

    • Within eight days for

    • Within three business days for and

Additional information

Some sellers outside Australia agree to reimburse us (if we refund a buyer) when they sign up to list an item on Learn more about reimbursement.

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