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International insertion fee benefits for Stores sellers

Australians registered on with a Featured or Anchor Store subscription can benefit from discounted or free insertion fees for fixed price listings on international eBay sites.

There's no need to create or subscribe to a separate Store for each of the other sites – you can manage all your listings from your existing Store.

How it works

If you list directly on an eBay site other than, you'll pay the same insertion fees for 30-day and Good 'Til Cancelled fixed price listings as if you had the equivalent Store subscription level in that country. In many cases, this means zero insertion fees for some or all of your listings.

Specific listing criteria and category exclusions apply – see below.

If you're a Top Rated Seller, your listings on other eBay sites can also qualify for eBay Premium Service (known as Top Rated Plus on if it's available. Learn more about qualifying for Top Rated Seller status and eBay Premium Service on other eBay sites.

Requirements for international insertion fee benefits

To receive the international insertion fee benefits, sellers need to: 

Note: Category exclusions and category-specific pricing may apply; check the relevant eBay site's fees pages for more information.

Frequently asked questions

1. What's the eBay International Selling Agreement and why do I need to sign it?

As eBay site policies differ by country, eBay may require you to agree to an International Selling Agreement before allowing you to sell internationally. Applicable sellers will see this agreement when they first attempt to list on an eBay site other than, or when they choose to offer international postage options on an listing. You can also review and accept the eBay International Selling Agreement prior to listing. Once you've accepted the agreement you won't need to do so again.

2. What final value fee will I be charged if my item sells?

  • If you list directly onto an international eBay site you'll be charged the final value fee for that site.

  • If you're listing on and you've specified international postage, you'll be charged the final value fee.

3. I use different accounts for multiple countries. Should I change to a single account?

Using a single account should enable most sellers to save money on eBay Store subscriptions and insertion fees, plus it'll help you to manage your business from a single account. We recommend that you consider changing to a single account.

4. How do I upgrade my Store subscription?

If you currently have a Featured or a Basic subscription, you can upgrade your Store in My eBay. Go to the Account tab and click Subscriptions.

Learn more about Store subscription fees and terms.

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