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How sellers can avoid transaction problems

If you're currently having an issue with a transaction, find out what to do when:

As a seller, you can take the following steps to ensure your experience is successful.

Creating and managing your listing

  • Represent the items you're selling fairly and accurately.

  • Clearly state your return policy in your listing.

  • Respond promptly to buyer questions.

  • Review your buyer's Feedback.

  • Use extra caution with unknown or new buyers and unusual bidding activity.

Avoiding unpaid Items

Our research has shown that following a few simple tips can significantly reduce the rate of unpaid item claims.

  • Make it easy for your buyers to pay by offering at least one of our accepted safer electronic payment methods.

  • Include detailed postage and handling information in the item description as well as in the Postage section.

  • Use eBay's checkout feature to make it simple for buyers to pay you.

  • Require immediate payment for fixed price listings and auction-style listings with a Buy It Now price.

After the listing ends

  • Send items with a tracking or Delivery Confirmation number when available. Providing tracking information can help resolve transaction issues in which a buyer claims to have never received an item.

  • Maintain records of postal receipts as proof that the item was sent.

  • Keep copies of any proof of your item's authenticity.

  • Verify payment before sending items (including holding cheques until they clear).

  • Learn to recognise counterfeit schemes.

  • Only send items to the verified billing address on the buyer's credit card account (if applicable).

  • Use extra caution with international payments and revised postage information.

If you believe a buyer purchased or attempted to purchase an item with intent to defraud, you can report the buyer. Before you do, first learn more about avoiding payment problems.

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