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Auction format

When to choose the classic eBay way to sell

Many listings on eBay use Auction format. A typical Auction listing works this way:

  1. The seller offers one item and sets a starting price

  2. Buyers visit the listing and bid on the item during the auction's duration

  3. When the auction ends, the highest bidder buys the item from the seller for the high bid.

The Auction format is flexible. When you use it, you will be given many options, including:

  • Adding the option for a buyer to purchase the item for a fixed price (Buy It Now).The Buy It Now price needs to be at least 30% higher than the Auction starting price

  • In select vehicle categories you can set a hidden minimum-selling price (reserve price.)

You may want to do a little research into the selling prices of other items similar to yours. This will help you set your starting price.

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