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What to do if you have postage problems

Find out what steps you can take if you encounter a problem after an item has been sent. Learn more about packing & posting items.

Remember, the seller is responsible for the item until it's in the buyer's possession. eBay Money Back Guarantee protects buyers if items arrive damaged, and sellers should consider insuring their items to protect themselves against damage or loss.

Information for buyers

Problem Next steps

The item you bought hasn't arrived yet.

  1. Go to the listing.

  2. Click View order details at the top of the page.

  3. On the Order details page, check the estimated delivery date to determine when your item should arrive.

  4. If the seller used tracking, you may be able to track your package from the Order details page or in My eBay.

  5. If the estimated delivery date has passed, or you can't find tracking information, the item may be covered by eBay Money Back Guarantee.

The item you bought arrived damaged.

Open a return request from My eBay > Purchase history and follow the on-screen instructions.

You feel the seller charged excessive postage.

  1. Review the information about postage and handling charges on our Selling practices page and our Avoiding eBay fees policy.

  2. If you feel that the seller has violated this policy, click the Report link at the bottom of the policy page or contact us.

Information for sellers


Next steps

The item you sold was lost or damaged in the mail.

  • If you used Australia Post, visit their website for help with missing mail items or compensation for items lost or damaged in transit. If you insured the package with Extra Cover, you can collect a claim form from any post office.

  • Other carriers may offer insurance for your item. Contact your carrier to find out more or make a claim.

  • Even if you didn't insure the item, you're still responsible for the item until the buyer receives it.

  • Contact the buyer to work out a solution. If you file an insurance claim, the carrier company or the insurance company may need to contact the buyer to verify the claim and inspect the item and its packaging before resolving your claim.

The item was returned undelivered.

  • It's your responsibility to send the item to the address on the eBay Order details page or the PayPal Transaction Details page. It's the buyer's responsibility to have the correct address on the transaction.

  • If you sent the item to the address on the eBay Order details page or the PayPal Transaction details page, and it was returned, contact the buyer to work out a solution. If the buyer still wants the item, the buyer should reimburse you for the additional postage costs. If you'd like, you can send the buyer a PayPal invoice for this cost.

  • When you send an item, we recommend using tracking and uploading the tracking information to My eBay. You can also email the tracking number to your buyer.

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