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Specifying your postage costs and locations

When you list an item on eBay, you need to tell the buyer how much postage will cost. You can enter your postage options and costs in the Add postage details section of the listing form.

The postage costs you enter are shown in your listing, allowing buyers to work out the total cost to buy your item. Your buyers will be charged the cost you specify when they pay for the item.

You'll also be required to specify a handling time when you list your item, which is how long it will take you to put the item in the mail once you receive payment.

Offering free postage

Offering free postage is a great way to attract more buyers and get a higher placement in search results. Also, if you offer free postage, and we can confirm a buyer chose this option, you'll automatically receive a 5-star Detailed Seller Rating for postage and handling charges.

Here's how to offer free postage:
  1. When you're listing your item, in the Add postage details section, choose Flat: same cost to all buyers or Calculated: Cost varies by buyer location.

  2. Select a postage service from the drop-down menu.

  3. Select the Free postage checkbox.

  • You can add another postage option and specify postage costs. For example, you might offer free postage on a standard postage service, and offer buyers the option of paying extra for express postage.

  • If you're using a listing tool that doesn't have the Free postage option, specify your postage cost as "0".

  • If you offer free postage, the phrase "Free postage" appears next to your listing in search results.

Using flat postage costs

If you want to charge all buyers the same amount for postage, choose Flat: same cost to all buyers. You can then enter your costs for posting this item within Australia, and to international destinations.

To estimate postage costs, click the Calculate postage link in the listing form. Select the estimated weight of your package (or select Custom weight to enter the exact weight), the package type, and the exact dimensions.

If you're selling more than one item, you can set up rules for combined postage in My eBay, or by clicking Create rules in the listing form. Learn more about offering postage discounts.

Using postage rate tables

You can use postage rate tables to set the amount you charge for postage within Australia by postage service and domestic region.

Once you've set up your postage tables, you can use them any time you list an item.

There are 3 ways you can specify postage costs in your postage rate tables:
  • By item: With this option, the postage cost to a buyer depends on where you're posting the item and the postage service you use.
    For example, you can choose to charge $7.75 for standard postage to the Northern Territory, $8.75 standard postage to Adelaide Metro, and $9.75 for standard postage to regional South Australia. If you choose this option, the postage cost to the buyer won't vary based on the weight of the package.

  • By weight: If you choose this option, you can set a fixed base cost for any destination and postage service, and then add an additional fixed amount per kilogram.
    For example, for an item posted to regional Victoria with a standard service, you might charge $7.50 plus $0.50 per kilogram or $7.50 plus $1.50 per kilogram for an express service.

  • By surcharge: This option lets you set a fixed base cost and then add a surcharge to it for any destination and postage service.
    For example, you can charge $7.50 for a standard service and then add a $1.00 surcharge when posting to Sydney metro.

To set up postage rate tables:
  1. Go to My eBay > Account > Site Preferences or Seller Hub > Shortcuts > Site preferences.

  2. Click Show to see the Postage Preferences section.

  3. Click Edit next to the Use postage rate tables option.

  4. Select Item, weight, or surcharge from the drop-down menu, then enter your postage rates for each region.

  5. Once you're finished, click Apply.

To use postage rate tables in your listing:
  1. In the Add postage details section of the listing form, click Add or remove options at the top of the section.

  2. Scroll down and select the checkbox next to Use postage rate tables, then click Save.

  3. Select the checkbox next to Apply domestic rate table rates.

Tip: You can also apply postage rate tables through Business Policies.

Using calculated postage costs

We can automatically calculate postage costs for your buyers based on the information that you provide about the size and weight of the packaged item and the type of postage service, as well as both your location and the buyer's location.

If you want to use calculated postage costs, select Calculated: Cost varies by buyer location when you list your item. Learn more about calculated postage.

Buyers can see the calculated postage costs in your listing when they're signed in, or by entering their postcode or country. Your handling cost is included in the postage cost, but isn't displayed to buyers.Postage charges are calculated when the buyer clicks Pay now. (Buyers must use eBay checkout – postage costs can't be calculated if they pay from the PayPal website.)

Note: If you send an eBay invoice to a buyer or enter charges in a Selling Manager Sales Record, the postage costs you enter take priority over the calculated postage costs, and the buyer is charged the amounts you enter.

Offering local pickup

For large, bulky or heavy items, you may prefer to have buyers pick up the item from you. If you don't want to offer postage at all, choose No postage: local pickup only when you're listing your item.

You can also enter postage costs for your item, but offer buyers who live near you the option to pick it up. Enter your flat rate, and then check the Local pickup box.

Specifying where you post to

You can exclude certain regions or countries from the places you're willing to post to. The best way to specify this is to use business policies.

If you don't use business policies, you can also specify your preferences in My eBay, or as you list individual items.

To specify locations you don't post to using business policies:
  1. Go to My eBay > Account > Business policies.

  2. Find the postage policy you want to update and select Edit policy from the Action drop-down menu.

  3. In the International postage section, go to Exclude postage locations and make your changes.

  4. Click Save and then click Confirm to update the policy and all listings that use it.

To specify locations you don't post to in My eBay:
  1. Go to My eBay > Account > Site Preferences or Seller Hub > Shortcuts > Site preferences.

  2. Click the Show link to see the Postage Preferences section.

  3. Click the Edit link next to Exclude postage locations from your listings.

  4. Select the states, territories, countries, or regions you don't want to post to. If you only want to exclude certain countries in a region, click Show all countries next to that region's name.

  5. Click the Apply button to save your selections.

  6. If you also want your selections to be applied to the items you're currently selling, check the box next to Apply to all current live listings.

Note: The "Apply to all" option won't be available if you're using business policies.

To specify locations you don't post to when listing your item:
  1. Go to the Add postage details section of the listing form.

  2. Under Excluded postage locations, click Create/edit exclusion list.

  3. Continue listing your item.

Note: This option is only available in the Advanced version of the listing form.

Domestic regions



NSW – Sydney Metro

1000-2263, 2500-2530, 2555-2574, 2740-2786, 2890

NSW – Regional

0200-0299, 2264-2499, 2485-2486, 2531-2554, 2575-2647, 2640-2641, 2649-2714, 2716, 2720-2730, 2787-2879, 2881-2889, 2891-2898, 2900-2999

NT – All


QLD – Brisbane Metro

4000-4224, 4225, 4226-4299, 4500-4549, 9000-9299, 9300-9399, 9400-9596, 9700-9799

QLD – South East

4300-4449, 4550-4699, 9597-9599, 9600-9699, 9800-9879, 9880-9919

QLD – Regional

4450-4499, 4700-4805, 9920-9959

QLD – Far North

4806-4899, 4900-4999, 9960-9999

SA – Adelaide Metro

5000-5199, 5800-5999

SA – Regional

5200-5749, 5750-5799, 2880

TAS – All


VIC – Melbourne Metro

3000-3220, 3335-3341, 3425-3443, 3750-3811, 3910-3920, 3926-3944, 3972-3978, 3980-3983, 8000-8999

VIC – Regional

3221-3334, 3342-3424, 3444-3688, 3689-3690, 3691-3749, 3812-3909, 3921-3925, 3945-3971, 3979, 3984-3999, 2648, 2715, 2717-2719, 2731-2739

WA – Perth Metro

6000-6214, 6800-6999

WA – Regional


WA – Remote


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