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Understanding immediate payment

How immediate payment works

Requiring immediate payment is useful if you're selling a time-sensitive item (for example, concert tickets), and you want to make sure the listing remains available until the transaction is successfully completed. To require immediate payment, you must meet certain requirements and the listing must include any related costs such as postage, so your buyer knows exactly how much to pay.

If you have an auction-style listing with a Buy It Now option, both the Buy It Now button and the immediate payment requirement disappear once a bid is placed (or, if you list with a reserve price, once your reserve price is met). In that case, the listing becomes a regular auction-style listing, with the item going to the highest bidder.

If you list with a fixed price, you can require a buyer who clicks Buy It Now to pay you immediately using PayPal. If you require immediate payment, the item remains available for purchase until a buyer has completed a PayPal payment, or until the listing expires. The first buyer who clicks Buy It Now and completes their PayPal payment officially purchases your item. Once a buyer completes payment, the listing ends (or the remaining quantity is updated).

Things to keep in mind about requiring immediate payment:
  • You can use the immediate payment feature with both fixed-price listings and auction-style listings with a Buy It Now price.

  • Listings with the immediate payment feature must offer PayPal as the only payment method. If the listing ends before any buyer has completed payment, then the item hasn't been sold and you can relist it.

  • If the listing reaches its ending time before any buyer has completed payment, then no one wins the item and you can relist it.

Requirements to list with the immediate payment option

To use the immediate payment option in your listing, you must meet the following requirements:

How to require immediate payment in your listing

To add an immediate payment requirement to your listing:
  1. Create a fixed-price listing or an auction-style listing with a Buy It Now option.

  2. In the Decide how you'd like to be paid section of the listing form, select the option to Require immediate payment when buyer uses Buy It Now.

  3. Complete your listing.

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