Choosing a payment method (for buyers)

How you pay for an item depends partly on what payment methods your seller accepts. Read the item description before you bid or buy to find out what your payment options are.

When you're choosing a payment method, look for options that are convenient for you, secure and traceable. Learn more about how to pay on eBay.

Accepted safer electronic payment methods

PayPal and merchant credit card are eBay's accepted safer electronic payment methods. All sellers on are required to offer at least one of these, and most purchases using these methods are covered by eBay Money Back Guarantee*. Payment is fast and easy – just click Pay Now.

PayPal lets you send payments online using a credit card or bank account. Learn more about paying for items with PayPal.

  • Pay directly from the listing page and your payment is deposited directly into the seller's account.

    You'll be asked to log into your PayPal account on the checkout page, but you can choose the Remember me for faster checkout on eBay option to skip PayPal login next time.

  • Payment is traceable. Track the status of your payment in My eBay or your PayPal account.

  • You don't have to use a credit card. You can use an existing PayPal balance or transfer money directly from your bank account.

  • If you use a credit card, sellers don't see your card number. It's encrypted to minimise risk of unauthorised use.

  • On eligible transactions, eBay Money Back Guarantee covers your purchases for up to the full purchase price of your item, plus original postage charges.*

  • Items paid for with PayPal may be eligible for PayPal Buyer Protection.

When a seller has set up an internet merchant account, you can pay using your credit card.

  • Pay directly from the listing page. You can choose to save your card to your eBay account for faster checkout next time. (You can remove a card any time in your account settings in My eBay.)

  • Payment is traceable. You can track the status of your payment using My eBay or your credit card account.

  • On eligible transactions, eBay Money Back Guarantee covers your purchases for up to the full purchase price of your item, plus original postage charges.*

  • Credit card companies typically provide some level of identity and purchase protection. Contact your credit card issuer to learn more.

*For full details, terms, conditions and exclusions, see eBay Money Back Guarantee.

Other payment methods

As long as they offer one of the safer payment methods above, sellers can also offer these options.

Sellers can offer to let you pick up the item and pay for it in person. In certain categories such as Cars, they may offer this as the only option.
You can choose any payment method specified in the listing by the seller, including cheque, money order, cash, PayPal, credit card or internet banking. The types of purchase protection available to you vary by payment method.
Note: Most sellers don't accept cheques or money orders on pick-up, because if they don't clear after the buyer has picked up the item, the seller has fewer options for resolving the problem.

  • You have an opportunity to inspect items in person at the time of payment.

  • You can coordinate a pick-up location and time with the seller that's convenient for you both. (Be sure to document your payment and proof of delivery.)

  • You don't have to pay postage costs, although some sellers have a surcharge for in-person pickup.

Sellers can enter their bank account details when listing the item. After the listing ends, you'll see this information either in checkout (when you click Pay Now) or in an invoice, and you can put the money into the seller's account - either by internet banking transfer, or by making a deposit into their bank account.

  • You can pay online (if you're using internet banking).

  • You get a receipt of your deposit as proof of payment.

After the listing ends, you'll get the seller's payment address either in checkout (when you click Pay Now) or in an invoice, and you can send them a personal cheque, bank cheque or money order to pay for your item. Remember that if you pay by cheque, your seller waits for the funds to clear before sending your item.

  • Cheques and money orders are traceable to a particular mailing address and provide proof of payment. (While fraud is rare, money is difficult to recover when it occurs.)

  • If you run into a problem before the seller cashes your cheque, most banks offer a stop-payment service. Some money order services may also offer this service.

Australia Post holds your item at your nearest post office until you go in and collect it. You can pay by cash or EFTPOS, and they send your payment back to the seller by money order.

  • You don't pay for the item until you pick it up.

  • You get a receipt as proof of your payment.

Not recommended

  • eBay does not recommend cash. Sellers may only offer to accept cash on pick-up.

  • Cash wire transfers are not permitted as a payment method on

Important: Sellers can't require you to pay using payment methods that we don't allow. If your seller wants to change payment methods after the listing has ended, you can insist on paying with one of the methods specified in the seller's original listing.

For more information on safe payment methods, see the Accepted payments policy.

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