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Researching vehicles

Buying a vehicle is a big step. Make sure you do your homework so you feel secure about the vehicle you choose.


Most sellers upload several pictures of the vehicle they're selling. Mouse over the picture on the listing to zoom, or click to enlarge the picture. If you want to see more photos, click the Ask a question link in the listing to get in touch with the seller.

Item specifics

Check the details entered by the seller – including the item's condition, make & model, age and so on. If the seller has entered a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), you can click on the number to purchase a vehicle history check. 

Price research

Find out what the car or truck you're interested in is worth before you buy. Here are some ways to help you determine a vehicle's worth:

RedBook or similar price comparison services

Websites such as allow you to research valuations for new and used vehicles.

Price of similar vehicles on eBay

Check the box on the left side of search results (or click Advanced next to the search box) to see:

Completed listings: Shows items that have ended in the last 15 days, including listings that ended without being sold.

Sold listings: Shows items sold in the last 90 days.

eBay Garage

eBay Garage allows you to find parts for your car, research vehicles and connect with other vehicle enthusiasts.

  • To browse vehicles, select the make, model and year you're interested in. You can then see photos, reviews and comments from other eBay members.

  • My Vehicles lets you save your vehicle's details to search quickly for matching parts and accessories. You can also add photos, a nickname, tags and enter your own notes about the vehicle. You can make your vehicle private, or leave it public to share with others.

Buying Guides

Buying Guides allow you to share your expertise on any topic or category. There are two types of Guides: eBay Guides and member guides. eBay Guides are written by eBay personnel and always appear with an eBay logo.

Browse our Buying Guides to help you get information from others about the vehicle you're interested in:

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