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Frequently Asked Questions about Best Offer

What is a Best Offer?

Best Offer is an option that enables buyers to negotiate with sellers on the price of a listed item in fixed price or Classified Ad format on Best Offers can only be made while the listing is active.

The Best Offer option is free to both sellers and buyers.

Best Offer can increase the likelihood of a sale and gives buyers an option to get the item they want at price reasonable to them.

In which categories is Best Offer available?

The Best Offer option is available in all categories on, including Motors in Australia.

What are the requirements when selling with Best Offer?

To sell with and accept Best Offers, sellers must have a verified selling account.

How do I add Best Offer to my listings?

The Best Offer option will be displayed in the Sell Your Item (SYI) form when listing your fixed price item or Classified Ad. It is also available in the Bulk listing editor. Buyers will be able to see a Make offer button on the item listing page. 

When listing your item check Accept offers from buyers in the pricing and duration section within the listing process. This will allow you to receive all offers created by interested buyers.

How do sellers accept or reject a Best Offer from a buyer?
  • Sellers will receive an email each time they receive an offer on an item. Once signed into My eBay sellers will access the Offer Management page where all offers on an item level basis can be reviewed, accepted or rejected.

  • Click Respond to offers under the action column in the "items I'm selling" section. Sellers can customise a personal message to buyers if declining a single offer.

  • Sellers can also bulk decline multiple offers. Sellers can select the offers per page and then click the Bulk decline button. This is all managed in My eBay.

Can I accept or decline offers automatically?

Yes, you can save time with the auto-decline and auto-accept feature in the Sell Your Item form. These automated services are easy to set up when you create your listing, and will allow you to respond to offers immediately by turning down offers that are below or accepting offers that are within your preferred price range.

If you receive offers that are outside of your price settings, you'll need to respond to these offers manually. You can also adjust these settings at any time.

Is there a limit to how many times a buyer can make a Best Offer?
Buyers can usually make up to three offers per item. Some categories may allow more or fewer offers. For example, eBay Motors listings allow up to 10 offers per item.

Is there a Best Offer minimum price?

No, the Best Offer system does not automatically reject offers below a certain amount. However, sellers can ignore and/or bulk decline offers that are considered too low. Buyers should only make fair market offers to sellers.

How long does a seller have to respond to a Best Offer request?

Best Offers automatically expire after 48 hours. An email is sent to the buyer to inform them of the offer expiry.

Can buyers make Best Offers above the Buy It Now price?

Yes. Buyers who are seriously interested in an item and are willing to pay more to ensure they are the winner may offer a price that is higher than the stated fixed Buy it Now price. Also, for items where postage is not specified by the seller Buyers may offer, for example, $10 above the BIN price and request that the final price include postage. To do so, buyers should add Including postage in the Best Offer message field.

Can buyers retract their Best Offer?
How does Best Offer work with multiple quantity listings?

When making a single offer for a quantity greater than 1 : Buyers can make a single offer for more than 1 item in a multi quantity listing. For example: the stated BIN price is $25 each. A buyer makes a Best Offer for 4 items for $80.

Making an offer for a quantity that is no longer available: When Buyers make a Best Offer the system checks to make sure the quantity is still available. However, since offers are good for 48 hours, a buyer's offer might exceed the quantity remaining and the seller will be forced to decline the offer for lack of inventory.

Can sellers remove the Best Offer option from their listing while it is still active?

Any content changes to the listing are subject to current listing revision rules. However, Sellers may revise their listing to turn off the Best Offer option if they have 0 Best Offers already made and 0 pending Best Offers.

If a seller has Best Offers pending and wants to turn off the feature, they must respond to all offers before they can revise the listing and remove the Best Offer option.

Is postage negotiable with Best Offer?

If the seller has specified postage costs for the item, it is not negotiable. If however, the seller has requested that the buyer contact the seller for postage costs, the buyer can offer the seller a price for the item plus postage costs in a single offer. The buyer would then simply add, Including postage to the message box.

How do buyers make a Best Offer to a seller?

If the Best Offer option is available you will see a Submit Best Offer button located directly below the Buy It Now button on the listing page.

A text box will be displayed where you can enter the details of your offer to the seller. Review your offer carefully and click Commit Best Offer. You will receive an email confirming your item offer.

Any message included as a part of your Best Offer is not a private form of communication. Messages included in the offer are considered formal terms of a proposed agreement and must not violate eBay trading policies.

You can check the status of offers made to sellers within my eBay. If a seller accepts your Best Offer, you can complete the purchase by selecting the Buy It Now button. You will also be notified by an email if the seller has accepted your best offer.

What happens if the listing I have made the Best Offer on is removed by eBay or the seller is suspended?
Buyers who submit Best Offers will be notified that a Best Offer has been suspended for a particular listing.
What are the restrictions with Best Offer?
  • If the buyer has reached the maximum number of offers allowed per item (based on a category level configuration), they will not be allowed to make another offer.

  • If a buyer has an active offer on an item they cannot make another offer on that item until the seller responds or the offer is expired after 48 hours.

  • If the Buyer has more than 30 active offers at any given time across all categories, the buyer will not be able to make another offer until an offer is declined/accepted, retracted or expired.

  • If a buyer is on a seller blocked bidder list they will not be able to make offers to that seller.

  • If the buyer does not meet the criteria dictated in the seller's buyer preferences / restrictions, they will not be able to make an offer to that seller.

  • If the buyer is making a Best Offer for a quantity greater than 1 and the inventory is not available, the Best Offer will be blocked and the buyer will be informed of the error.

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