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Securing Your Account and Reporting Account Theft

Use this Help page to secure your account in or both of the following situations:

You have provided sensitive personal information in response to a hoax or "phishing" email. For more information, see Reporting and Recognising Spoof (Fake) Emails.

You think someone has hacked into your account, or is trying to take over your eBay account. Signs that your account has been taken over, or hacked, include seeing listings or bids on your account that you did not make, or that your password has been changed, but not by you. First, check with family members and others who may use your account to make sure they didn't make any changes.

What to do
Go to the eBay sign in page and try to sign in to your account.

  • If you can't sign in, or if you require additional assistance:

    Please contact us to get help from an eBay Customer Service representative.

If your account has been compromised, eBay will work with you to secure your account. We will send you a request that you change your password, but for security reasons, will not provide your password. For your protection, we may place a temporary hold on your account. eBay can also help you remove unauthorised fraudulent bids or listings.

  • If you can sign in:
    Please follow these instructions to secure your account.

Steps to secure your account What to expect and why it is important

1. Change the password on your personal email account.

Anyone who has access to your email account may be able to gain access to your eBay account. This is why it's important to ensure that your email account is secure. Make sure your email account password is different from your eBay password.

2. Request a new eBay password by going to eBay’s Change password page.

After you enter your user ID on this page, you're prompted to answer at least one of a few questions related to your account. Once you've answered at least one of the questions provided, an email is sent to you with instructions that allow you to complete your password change. If eBay ever wants you to change your password, it will be an alert in My eBay, not in an email.

If you're still not able to change your password, review your contact information to be sure that the email address on your account is correct, and check the spam filtering settings on your email account to see if the filter is keeping you from receiving email from eBay.

3 Change the Secret Question and Answer on your eBay account.

If you don't have a secret question, you can create one after you've completed these steps.

4. Verify your personal contact information registered on your eBay account and change anything that isn't correct.

If your account was hijacked, the contact information on your account may have been changed without your permission.

Check your contact information, the information on your Sell Your Item form, and your postage address. If anything was changed by the person who took over your account, change it back.

If you think your PayPal account may have been taken over, contact PayPal immediately.

5. Search for any active bids or listings from your account that you didn't make.

You can review active bids and listings from your My eBay page. If you find any active bids or listings that are unauthorised, please contact eBay to ask us to remove the bids or listings.

If you see unauthorised fees when you review your selling account, please contact eBay to request a credit.

6. Take additional steps to protect your identity.

Go here to protect your identity if you provided information to a spoof website or replied to a spoof email.

We want to reassure you that we do have a department working with law-enforcement agencies and the government. However, we can't give out the details of the actions we're taking. Please remember this is for the protection of all eBay users.

Preventing future account theft

  • Learn about creating a secure password. Strong passwords can help prevent any unauthorised account changes in the future.

  • Learn about creating a secret question. Read tips on how to choose an effective secret question that helps you when you forget your password, but keeps others from being able to change your password.

  • Educate yourself on how to recognise and report spoof email and websites impersonating eBay. The most common way for an eBay account to be taken over is through spoof emails designed to access members' passwords and other sensitive information. Please forward any suspicious or unexpected emails claiming to be from eBay to the email address

  • Learn about spyware and how to find and remove it from your computer. Spyware is software that's downloaded onto your computer without your knowledge to collect personal information and record your behaviour on the internet.

    Removing spyware will improve your computer's performance and security. Use your favourite internet search engine to find software (such as Ad-Aware or Spybot) to do this. You might also visit a local software store where a professional can suggest the best way to remove spyware.

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